Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Party!!!

I am sooooo happy Audrey's party is over. We always have a big party for our kids' first birthdays. I think with just having our immediate families over I get worn out by the time their 1st birthdays are over I don't want to do it again.

We had 72 people here ( including our little bunch)That is just our parents and sibling and their families and our grandparents. Yes, we come from large families. Ben is the oldest of 13 and there are 8 kids in my families. I can't imagine how big our families will be when all our siblings are grown and married with families!

 I was so worried when I woke up that morning that it was going to be raining for the party, and it did rain the whole day. I prayed all day without ceasing that He would stop the rain just in time for our party and was having a hard time trying to decide if we should postpone it or move it somewhere else because there is NO WAY over 70 people could fit in our tiny home. { 20 people would probably be too much!} I decided that we would just have it anyways here and I believed God would take care of it. And so I wasn't too surprised when at exactly 5:00 He brought out the blue sky and the sun shone down on our party. It was perfect and crazy ( it couldn't be anything else with that many people) We had so much fun with our families and enjoyed celebrating out little 1 year old princess.

big cake for a little girl!

I know you have all been going crazy wondering what cake I was going to choose from this post. And I chose number 5. I guess it was meant to be since it was already named the "Audrey Cake". I know it doesn't even come close to how beautiful Amanda's cake was, I had to change a little bit of it because my decorator wasn't working for me very well. But all in all at least the middle turned out and it was edible :)


Doesn't look too great on the outside....

.....but its the inside that makes it all come together!
Yes, that's 6 layers...and yes it was alot of work but was so worth it!

Loving the cake

Blake and cousin Brett playing Star Wars/Cowboys??

Auntie Jen, Auntie Stephanie, Auntie Joy, Grandma Jodi, Auntie Rosie

Auntie Jaci, Auntie Jessica, cousin Zander, Grandma Kay, cousin Gianna, cousin Melina, Auntie Christa

Auntie Caroline and cousin Garrett

Great-Grandma Noney and Auntie Jaci

Great Grandmas Maurine and Lavonne

Great Grandpas Walt and Benny


  1. Audrey's cake turned out AWESOME! You did such a good job and it looks SO good! So glad that everything turned out nice for her Birthday!

  2. I second what Sarah wrote! Way to go Joy! I don't think I could pull that cake off! Great job! I'm glad the party turned out!:) God is so good!! Sounds to me in the future you all will need to rent a bigger place for all your family to meet:) It will be a lot of fun, love, laughter, chaos, and good times I bet!

  3. that cake is amazing!! awesome that you made it!!

  4. Looks fantastic!!! You did a great job. And man you have got one great looking family!! Looks like a wonderful day was had by all.



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