Friday, July 30, 2010

5 on Friday

1. We have been enjoying our Toddler Tuesday group so much this year. This week's was my favorite. Collinwood Park. Great swimming beach and playground. We would have stayed longer than the 5 hours if the little ones weren't getting so tired and crabby. Its encouraged me to plan a Momma Day at the beach ( without kids!). I can't wait!

2. On Wednesday, sickness filled our house. From throwing up , fevers, and sore throats. I was so happy this morning when everyone woke up healthy. Glad that it was a quick one! There are a few lingering sore throats but we are going to attempt our camping trip anyways.

3. Yea!! I'm so exited about camping this weekend! We are camping with my whole family ( minus my brother and his family) And let me tell you my family knows how to camp! My mom is Camping Queen. She loves her some rustic camping. Even though we've learned from the queen we've givin' into the Camper rather then tenting it like she and a my 2 other sisters do. But be sure to know that my mom will be cooking the entire HUGE camping breakfast over the fire! Yumm! I can't wait.

4.Speaking of Miss Camping Queen. Take a look at this. She is really going to hate me for putting this up- but- hey, she's the one who posed for the camera and should know that I would totally put this up!

And Another one....

Yup, she's c.Ra.Zzzzz.EEEE!
We love her!

You can tell we are all like her too!

5. This is totally strange and you will all be probably thinkin I'm a crazy. But remember I was borne of the woman above ;) Plus I'm trying to come up with a 5th topic here people. So hear me out!
 I always have really weird dreams, but I had a really weird one the other night.....
I was shopping at a store when this little troll like man was following me and every time I tried to pay for something he would pinch the inside of my arm. It really hurt. So I picked him up and threw him over a balcony and he fell and ended up with a spear going through his body, but he just wouldn't die. He had a really freaky face and I was scared to go to bed the next night thinking he might invade my dreams again. but he didn't . So, anyone have any thoughts on interpreting that dream?
I'm crazy.
Or weird.
You are probably thinking " I don't know why I'm reading this pointless blog and I need to stop before I become crazy like this lady"
To all of you that will continue to follow me- I thank you. From one crazy blog writer to you crazy readers!
Love ya!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I'll be having a blast with my crazy LOUD family!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ode to Soft Water

Oh, Dear Water Softener,
Why do you torture me so?
You made my whites so bright
 for five short years or more.
But now you mar my delicates
with ugly stains of orange.
Did I not appreciate your soft touch
or how the sinks shone brightly in the morn' ?
You are testing my patience,
I may have to toss you out.
For my handy man of a husband
can't seem to figure you out.
You make us think your working.
I get so joyful with glee.
Thinking I may get to wash some underwear
Or maybe cloth dipee's.
I start that fateful load to washin'
hopeful as can be
But as soon as I start lookin'
its not as it should be.
For in that washer I see my fears.
You've destroyed my hopes and dreams
Please dear, softener of water
Start working soon or I may just have to scream!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dog Days of summer....

We had a litter of pups about 5 weeks ago. They are all black and super cute. The kids have been having a blast with them this week especially since they are starting to chase after them and getting really playful. A couple nights ago I went out and took some pictures of them playing with them. So cute and Audrey was just so exctied she could hardly stand it.

It has been Ethan's job to take care of the dogs. Feeding them and watering them 2 times a day. Last week he came in from feeding them franticly telkling me that one was missing. I said to go look again but he came back still insiting that it was gone. I went out thinking I would find a dead little pup in a corner or something. Nothing. It disapeared. There was no way for it to get out o its pen unless Sophie had moved it but didn't think that was likely. We looked and looked but never foind any sign of it anywhere. The kids were really upset and I was too. Not only because we hope it didn't die somewhere but we kind of depend on the money we get for those pups.

Then this morning Ethan came in saying a puppy was dead. It had somehow gotten in a bucket and died.
Ethan accidentally put Sophie's bucket in the puppies pen instead of outside of it. There was no water left in it and we aren't sure if it drowned or if its airway was constricted but the boys and Daddy had to barry it this morning before he left for work. So now we are down to 5 puppies. I really hope the rest make it!

Here are a few pictures of the kids playing with the little fur balls ;)

Love how the little puppy is chasing him.

Poor little puupy was probably so sick of Owen carrying him around!

Looks like they were having a good chat!

Talk about puupy eyes

They thought they would enjoy a ride down the slide :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pointless Babble

I think the sun has fried my brain.
I haven't felt like writing lately. Its been too nice out and Ben's been home alot.
I don't like blogging when he's home.
 I'd rather annoy him.
 He hates that.
I love it ;)
 And I have tell you all I'm a little irritated with him.
 Only a little :)
 He decided to start a blog. I think just to annoy me. He even said he thinks he'll have more followers than me by the end of his first month. And I think the fact that he's probably right is what irritates me the most. I"m not even going to give you the link to it because I want to win this bet! ( you all probably wouldn't be interested in it anyways- politics!) I'm happy though that instead of him telling me all this information he's writing it down and I can decide if I want to read it or not. I know- bad wife.
This is a stupid post.
Oh, well, I'm bound to come up with something better eventually.
But probably not.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Oop, I forgot my phone is broken!

Have you ever broke your cell phone?
I did.
It was like a horrible nightmare.
But before you start lecturing about how I"m too addicted, realize that I don't have a land line either.
That being said can you relate to how nuts it made me?
I couldn't talk to Ben while he was on the road. I didn't know if or when he would be coming home.
I couldn't talk to my lovely sister Jessica { we talk daily- we HAVE to- it's how I make it through the day!}
I couldn't talk to my mom, or any of my other sisters who I talk to almost every day. 
And then I would start to worry about if I'd need to call 911- I wouldn't be able to without a phone obviously!
Plus I was hearing my phone ringing in my head, I'd get up looking for it and then I'd remember it was broken.
Thankfully we have the Internet.
Ben and I were messaging each other through Facebook, him on his phone and me on the computer.
Let me tell you, a lot of arguments can happen over emails, and many misunderstandings can be made. Plus I don't read the messages to thoroughly and become confused. Like the following conversations that happened while trying to figure out how I was going to pick up a phone that I had found on Craigslist.

 The lady had emailed me before and said if we are interested we need to call husband Eric....she must not be home or something now...she said to leave a message if he doesn't answer. Could you please call and tell him we'll take it and ask for an address and a time to meet.....Thanks :) Here's his number

 Called Eric he will meet you at target in St Cloud the one out by burger king on the other side of town at 3oclock he is working by there. Bring 35 cash. Then go to Verizon and have them program it. Let me know if this will work.

 Is it the burger king by Bonanza? I don't know if a different one....Otherwise that should work .

{silly me didn't read through it all and Ben was getting a little irritated at me at this point!}

 OK, I'm a dummy, thanks for clarifying :) How will I know its him though,or did you tell him what vehicle I drive? .

 He will be driving a black suburban he will meet you there at 3 you know where that is right? Don't be late!

Ok! you don't have to be so Growly at me! I know the Target on the other side of the bridge, right? What do I need to tell the people at the Verizon store?
We had many of these types of back and forth conversations. I even had to drive to Ben's parents farm to call him a few times just because it was hard to have a conversations over email. 
I finally have a phone now, which I bought from someone off Craigslist, I'm very happy with it,and for $35 it made it all the better.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Campers :)

My handsome husband called me on Friday at noon to inform me that we would be camping that night and the following night as well with our friends Josh and Serena.

 Of course  I was excited because we love camping! Remember?! If you don't, click this :)  The only thing I had a problem with it was the little fact that I had a Personal Shower to go to at 4 for Ben's sister.I didn't know if I should go or not, but we decided that I would still go and just meet Ben and the kids out at the campsite when I got done over there.

This whole situation made for a stressful afternoon.
 I had to get laundry done and every one's clothes and everything that we'd need for the weekend packed in the camper before I left.
 I had to go get by brother so he could babysit until Ben got home.
 And to top it off we really needed groceries so we didn't have much to bring for food, so after the shower I had to go to the store.
 I didn't get to the campground until 11pm! Thankfully all the kids were already asleep and we were able to sit around the fire for a few hours.

We had a great time relaxing and just enjoying the weather. Ben took Ethan and a couple other kids that we knew that were camping there fishing. And I took the rest of them swimming. My little baby brother Michael {who is Clint's best friend} came with us and the boys had a blast with him.

It wouldn't be camping without the s'mores...
Blake trying to eat 2 at a time!

Ethan  loves his s'mores burnt- yuck!

Dad loves picking on Clint!

We went through a six pack of Hershey bars, a bag of marshmallow and a whole box of graham crackers!
We had some sticky kids!

Down at the beach

No matter how many times you try it....'s still nasty!

Best Buds!

Is it tasting better yet?

Mr. Handsome

These boys know how to have a good time! ( notice Ethan's holding onto a little fish that he caught)

Even through the stress of preparing for camping, it is SO worth it! Nothing better than the Great Outdoors and the people you spend it with!

This is how we spent our did you spend yours?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What do you get when see 6 vehicles driving down Hwy 12 carrying 9 moms and 31 kids?
That's right!....
A trip to the....
Children's Museum!

Our weekly playgroup headed in a big caravan to the Children's Museum last Tuesday. Its a BIG deal when all these country folks head to the Big City :)
{Beware!!! Lots of pictures included in the post!!!}
People were asking us what group we were there with....
Just our Toddler Tuesday group! And we just have alot of kids :)

The kids love going...I think every part of it is their FAVORITE!

But  I Think....

Painting their faces was this biggest hit this trip!

But Audrey didn't enjoy getting her face painted...

but wait a minute...

...that's better :)

lovin' those leg warmers!!

"take a picture of me, Mom"

"Hi, Mom!"

So strong

"Bye Mom!"
Owen love "riding the bus"

Clint "manning" the Register

Shop til you drop!


It seemed like every time I looked at Blake he had more paint on his face :)

Love this toothless grin :)

My favorite shot of the day!