Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm very busy today getting everything ready for Audrey's surgery. We have lots of laundry to finish, packing, and praying to do. I'm having a hard time concentrating on all the things that need to be done today. Worrying has become my constant friend the past couple days.  I KNOW that He is watching over everything that is and will happen. And that He is in control. Every time I start to worry I remember this.

I feel like my head is spinning from everything I need to remember. I hope I don't forget anything at home that we needed to bring with.

The boys made cards and pictures for us to bring with for Audrey. I think they are a little worried about what is going to happen. Clint is probably the most just because he's old enough to know what's really happening. I asked them if they have any questions about what is going to happen and tried to explain without going into detail what is in store for Audrey for the next few days. Clint is most worried about her being in pain. Other than that the boys are really excited about going to stay at Grandma Kay's and Ethan will be staying at his cousin Carter's and going to the zoo with him for his birthday.

I'm so glad Ben will be coming down tomorrow night to be with us in the hotel and there for the surgery. It will be such a comfort to not to have to be there alone.

I'm hoping to bring the laptop with so I can update what is happening and let you all know whats going on. The only thing is the wireless part of the laptop isn't working so I might just have to use one of the hospital that they lend out.

Thank you for all the prayers you have all been sending our way all ready and we covet all the ones you could lift up on our behalf the next few days.


  1. They take REALLY good care of you at Children's. My son AND daughter were both hospitalized there and it was such a positive experience. Also, my son had ear tubes twice (by the time he was 20 months) and the 2nd time I was a bit worried. Everyone understood and didn't make me feel dumb for being worried about ear tubes. They do such a GREAT job with parents and with their little patients! And if for some reason, Audrey ends up in the ICU (which we will pray she doesn't), the doctors that i work for will be there. And I'm almost positive you go to my clinic to see my docs (if you are a MN family) at Children's Respiratory. I love my doctors--although they won't be doing the surgery--and they will make sure your little girl is doing as awesome as she should be!
    You can do this!

  2. I haven't stopped praying Joy. I pray that you will sleep tonight and just feel God's arms wrapped around you. I will be waiting to hear the good news of Audreys surgury going well. XX