Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's that in your teeth?

So we've been celebrating "Sister Week"  around here. { Named by Christa} Our sister Jessica has been up from her neck in the woods( not really the woods, she's our city slicker sister actually!!)  while her son and husband have been at Bible Camp.
We went out for lunch a couple days ago at our favorite spot in Litchfield

~ Cricket Meadow.
 I was very bummed that they were out of my favorite wrap " Sibley Ave. Wrap" So I had the Blast Panini, De.Li.Cious! maybe my new favorite. We were having a good old time eating this

and this
and this

for dessert
 and laughing like we always do

 and making babies kiss

 when I looked at my mom and this is what I saw....

yup, pretty funny mom!
{ this is where we get our weird humor }
This is one of her favorite things to do to get a laugh!
So I say.." Let's all do it!"

so we do


of course I have to do it too!

Yes, we are a little very strange! But we sure love to laugh and we'll do anything to have a good one!

Even if it means taking pictures of "stranger man's" bare back when he's not looking.

Sorry Stranger Man, it was just really funny at the time and you really shouldn't be rubbing your back side in public when I have a camera and can take pictures of you.

So loving sister week.


  1. Too funny! Sounds like you girls have a lot of fun together!

  2. That looks and sounds like so much fun. It is great that you have had sister week. I am sure your mom enjoyed being with you girls!

  3. Joy, I love hearing about the fun your family and sisters have. I can't wait for the day my 5 girls do the fun things together! Funny pics:)Thanks for reminding me that there are families out there that love to have fun with one another and laugh!!