Friday, May 28, 2010

This is the way we camp....

We were planning on camping this weekend with a bunch of friends but its not to be. We had a big unexpected expense that came up last week that emptied our bank account( the pick up had big problems!) It ate up our money for the next week and a half. So instead of having a wonderful weekend relaxing with our friends, we'll be working on projects around home. Its probably best since I need want to have Audrey's floor painted by her party next weekend and its going to be a BIG job.

I thought that since we won't be camping I'd let you into our world of camping with pictures of our recent camping trips. So here we go........
Camping @ Weseman's Farm

I was just messing around with the camera and this is what turned out..
.looks kind of weird but kind of cool too

Mr. Serious

Camping @ Lake Ripley

Looking for cool rocks

Our "home"

Camping @ Lake Koronis
We loved this campground!!

Yes, Heather, I told you I wouldn't put this on here, but since you posted a pic of me on yours, its payback!!

Josh is probably going to be REALLY mad that I put this up for all to see, so don't tell him ;)

The Men.

Little G

Look at that toothless smile!

Uncle Matt

Look at those lips!

pretty ladies


beautiful babe!

Carter and Ethan thought it would be fun to ride in the lake

I love chubby baby legs

...............We have had so much fun the last few weekends. Can't wait to go again :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Decisions, decisions.....

Audrey's 1st Birthday is in 8 days! Time has just flown by since our little princess was born. Her party is in 10 days and I'm still trying to come up with a plan! I got the invites out {phew}, trying to get her room finished, and have decided that we don't have a theme. I just couldn't decide. Right now, I'm freaking out about what kind of cake I should make for her. I've been pouring over my favorite baking blog in search of the perfect cake. I'm needing some help narrowing it down though- just does awesome work and I know that I won't be able to even come close to how great her cakes turn out and whatever I decide to do will have to be easy enough that I won't be flipping out at the last minute trying to get it just right. I'm not sure if I can do this or if its illegal but I'm going to link my favorites from her blog so you all can help me decide. So here are the ones that have stood out to me. And after your done helping me you so need to check out the rest of her blog- she does A.MAZ.ING work! I really wish I was her! ( She has an "Audrey" too)

Option #1 This cake is delicate looking and pretty. And the inside has a surprise :)

Option #2 I love how colorful this one is

Option #3 This one is just too cute!

Option #4I know this one is supposed to be for a bridal shower but it is just so girlie and I love it!

Option #5 I think this is my FAVORITE!! And not just because it is actually named "Audrey's Cake" O.K, maybe it does have something to do with my love for this cake! There are a few more on her site that I love too but 5 is probably enough for you to help me decide from. If you see a different one that you see on her site that you love more let me know and I'll check it out! I wish I could order one from her but I guess she's booked through August! She's THAT good!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Did I just step on that?

The phone rings.
Kids screaming in the background.
Yell at kids to be quiet.
Answer phone.
Ben's Grandma.
Kid still yelling.
I step outside.
Look down.
Dead toad.
Smashed under my heal.
Trying not to freak out.
Still on the phone with Granny.
Thinking- some little boys in big trouble.
Remembering that little boy put a toad in fish tank yesterday.
Remembering seeing the toad floating upside down this morning.
Told little boy to throw dead toad outside.
He did.
Right out on the top of the stoop.
Waiting for me to step on.
Can still feel it.
The way it felt under my heal.
The way it sprayed up on my other leg.
Another day as a mom to a little boy.

{I'm thinking that one of the toads in the jar from this picture  is the victim}

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Remains...The Love Chapter for Parents

While going though my address book { which actually is a catch all for little thing that I can't part with like homemade cards},addressing Audrey's birthday invites, I found this article that was given to me by the mentor at my MOPS group when I used to go. I'm sure most of you can relate- I sure can. I need to have this hanging out where I can see this daily as a reminder of what is really important!!!


What Remains
The "Love Chapter" for parents
by Cindy Sieler Dagnan

If I spend my days building skyscrapers with blocks, assembling cool stuff out of LEGOs and creating relationships with other moms at Starbucks, but have not love, I am only the siren of the kids' ride on fire truck, annoyingly stuck on hold.

If I have the gift of knowing which child attempted to flush the Hot Wheels down the toilet and which one pushed her sister, and if I have the faith that somehow we'll survive life's emergencies, but have not love, I am nothing.

If I save all my box tops for school and give outgrown clothing to the local shelter, and if I surrender my body to stretch marks and under-eye circles ( without the benefit of BOTOX , tanning salons or diet bars), but have not love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient when someone isn't ready to use the big girl potty. It is kind when my husband has had a hard day. It doesn't envy my neighbor who drives the new sports utility vehicle I can't afford.

It is not rude, snapping at my spouse or children when things don't go my way. It is not easily angered at perceived or real injustices.

It always protects the smallest, sweetest family confidences; always trusts God to provide my childrens' needs; always hopes in the freshness of tomorrow and the bright future of family; always perseveres amid hardship and doubt.

Where there are sleepless nights, they shall end. Where there are diapers, Little League and dioramas built from shoe boxes, they will cease. There there is knowledge of baby care trends, disciple strategies and boy-girl problems, it will pass away.

Now these three remain: faith, lived out in my daily circumstances and instilled in my children: hope, of one day rejoicing with my family in heaven; and love, which covers a multitude of less-than-perfect moments.

But the greatest of these in love. It is what remains......long after I'm gone.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our newest pets :)
3 toads.
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This is what happens when Ethan is "watching" Audrey!
She was literally putting handfulls of sand in her mouth!
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{Confessions of a Terrible Toothfairy}

It's not my intention to be a bad tooth fairy.
I just can't seem to help it.
I think it started out with my very first tooth assignment.
I kept reminding myself to go remember to extract the tooth after the child had fallen asleep.
But for some strange reason it never fails that I will forget.
Until the morning when the sad child awakes to find that the tooth is still in the same place and no money was left.
The parents have to cover for me saying..
" the tooth fairy doesn't work weekends" or " there was a big snowstorm and she couldn't make it"
or "there were too many other kids that lost there tooth last night"
The sad thing is I sometimes forget for days in a row!
The mom in the house that I pick up the teeth from is very smart and doesn't miss a beat.....once her son some how dropped the tiny little tooth on the floor and though she looked far and wide for the missing ivory, it was not to be found. But she, quick as a wink remembered where her baby teeth were ( you see, the tooth fairy she had when her baby teeth were falling out would put them in a tea pot in her mother's china cupboard and for some strange reason she had kept them all this time) she quickly found a tooth that looked similar to the one the little boy had lost and declared that she had found it! The tears of the little boy turned to smiles. And though the boy said " the tooth looks a little different" ( because it looked a little old and was discolored) the mom said " its just a little dirty because it fell behind the stove". The little child never knew the difference and I collected the little tooth even though it was old and had already been collected once before because I felt the child deserved it after all the disappointment I have caused in this house.

The six year old in this house woke this morning sad because the tooth he had lost was still under his pillow. I am going to try with all my might to not forget tonight.
I'm thinking a new line of work might be in my future, because even though I do always get the tooth ( eventually! ) I feel bad for treating these little kids so horribly!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The boys have BIG plans!
They decided that they would build a Tree House.
They were scouting the yard for the best tree.
They drew blueprints.
There will be NO GIRLS ALLOWED!
{except Audrey}
Big ideas have been hatched...
from selling cookies and lemonade from there perch up high.
And making $81
from the girls they are sure will want to come over
to buy their cookies and lemonade.

Ahh, to be able to dream BIG like that again.
Wouldn't it be nice to be a kid again?
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Enjoying the Sun.....

These are a few pictures I took yesterday. We were really enjoying finally having some sunshine! Audrey loves playing in the grass ( and eating it!) and Owen loves going down the slide. Although he's not too sure about wearing shorts yet, he kept trying to pull down the legs. It was making him very upset when it wouldn't work.
How have you been enjoying this wonderful weather??
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My little cutie :)

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Friday, May 14, 2010

We are Officially Cloth Diapering!!!

We've started.
Audrey has been in cloth for 24 hours now! I've been doing occasionally the last couple weeks but now I have 6 diapers and I can make it through the day. I'm pretty exited about it- Audrey is too :) We have 6 more coming within the next week or so that I've ordered but 6 can get us by until then. 

I love the cloth diaper butt look!!! Its just so darn cute- her with a big booty ;) We have 4 white diaps and I just got 2 light blue with monkeys on them yesterday. Those are the cutest yet. The ones that are coming are really girly and I can't wait to get 'em on her!!

{Isn't her butt just so flipping cute in these?}

I guess the true test will be though- when she poos! I'm getting a little worried because she usually doesn't go this long without one- it bound to be a massive explosion!

I have all the diapers that she's not wearing on the line outside. They are so cute flapping in the wind.

{and can you see the blue sky in the background??? We haven't seen that in weeks! ( well maybe not that long) but it sure is nice to see!!}