Monday, October 26, 2009

* I wrote this last Thursday and forgot to post it, so its a little out dated ;)

I've been wanting to get on here and write for about a week now but I never seem to get the time! I guess having 5 kids around keep my pretty busy. :) I always tell myself that I'll try to get on here after the kids get to bed but after I put the boys to bed Audrey decides its fussy time and she's up till 11!Then I go to bed because I'm so exausted and then get up in the morning to start all over again.

Ethan turned 6 on Tuesday. He had his cousin Carter over for a sleep over and my younger brother Josiah over too. Ethan thinks Josiah is so cool and loves it that he will play football with him. Ethan reminds me alot of Josiah. When Ethan was little I used to call him Josiah all the time :) They had a fun time trading football cards and  playing outside. Carter and Ethan are best buddies! They always have a blast together.

On Ethan's birthday we went to the Children's Museum with a bunch of friends. We had such a great time. The kids didn't want to leave and they are still asking when we can go again and if we can go for the rest of their birthdays. I'm thinking I should have bought the membership ;-s

School is going good. It is a little bit of a struggle trying to keep 3 other children entertained while I teach the 2 older ones. I think Audrey is the hardest to figure out because she usually just wants me to hold her. We try to do our more complicated things when she's napping. Ethan would do school all day if he could! I try to convince him he doesn't need to do it everyday since he's in kindergarten but he still wants to. At this rate he'll be done with his books by February. I'm sure though as the year goes on it won't be quite as exciting so I should be happy for this now!

I am finding drawings all over the walls and the table and the floor and pretty much everything else lately. Owen has discovered coloring. He wants to color ALL THE TIME! Its pretty cute. All his little scribbles :)
Its kind of annoying too! He is always climbing on the table and drawing on it if I don't get him paper soon enough. When we are doing school he is usually sitting on the table trying to write in the kid's books and mine too.

I don't know what it is but Owen really entertains me! He has such a funny humor. He is starting to say a few things but it is mostly his own little jabber and its hilarious. He has started to give kisses now and they are so sweet. He even smackes his lips. Boy, do I love that kid!

Audrey coos and is so smiley. None of the other kids were this smilely. We are all still having so much fun with this little princess! I know the boys will be spoiling her for the rest of her life :)

Clint is such a big helper to me! I don't know what I'd do without him! Owen and him a best buddies. They are always playing with eachother. As hard as it was having most of the kids so close together (and still is at times- who am I kidding -most of the time! ) It is nice knowing that they will be such good friends and always have someone to play with.

Blake has been saying some funny things lately, which probably means he's been thinkin some pretty funny things lately too. The other day I asked him " Blake, will you marry me?" He said "NO! I'm going to marry a different woman! ( he actually says woban for woman!) I asked him " What's her name?" He replied " I don't know yet, I'll probably name her Julia." I just thouht that was hilarious :) Yesterday when we were driving to co-op he asked me if he would live to be 204. I said probably not! A month or so ago he was telling me he was going to have 94 kids someday! I asked him where he was going to put them all and he said he was going to make a BIG couch so they could all sit on it together! He makes me laugh.

Poor little Audrey has been dealing with a cold for a few weeks. First she had a runny nose then it moved to her eyes and now her nose is a plugged up. Its has been a hard couple night because she is having a hard time sleeping. I hope she gets better soon.

The boys are really excited about getting to go stay over night at Grandma Kay's on saturday. We are going to a freinds wedding and Ben is the Best Man. It will fun!