Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lets just ignore the fact that its been close to a month since I've been on here and the fact that I'm going to skip over a bunch of stuff that we've done because I don't want to bore you all with my catching up- maybe I'll get to our anniversary trip at some point but not today.

After some of the hottest muggy weather we've had in a long time, we've been enjoying a few days of almost perfect sunny days. This last week, Ben decided to get out the fishing rods much to the glee of the kids and take them sunny fishing from his parents dock. I don't think the boys could have had a better fishing day than that one. They were bringing in fish left and right and as fast as they could get the lines in the water. Ben had a couple of his youngest siblings with as well so he didn't get to do any actual fishing himself, he was so busy taking fish of hooks and dealing with all the fun stuff you have to when your fishing with kids:) At one point Owen dropped his rod into the lake and Ben's sister had to go in after it:) Ben figured they had caught at least 140 sun fish but after throwing the smallest ones back he ended cleaning 92!!! That means we will be having a BIG fish fry here soon. I stopped over there when they were about finished and took a couple pictures of some of their catches.
Blake haulin' in one of his fish
Clint, proud of one of his many fish
Ethan loves fishing:)

Needless to say, they are hoping Dad takes them out again this week when he gets a chance!

Since the boys were out fishing, Audrey and I decided to do a little Photo Session of her. We packed up her doll and her purse and headed to Paynesville to try and get a few shots. We had fun, just her and me:) I promised her a treat when we were done and ended up getting some donuts and juice for her and iced coffee for me.
Here are a couple of the shots I got. She really doesn't like to look AND smile at me at the same time. Next time I'm going to have to bring someone with me to get her to do that.

I took a couple at Ben's parents while he was cleaning the fish too. And of course Owen wanted in on them as well:)