Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One of "those" days....

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's not go there. Blah blah blah...haven't been on here in a long time. Haven't felt the need or itch to write in a long time. Probably because my mind is going a million miles an hour trying to keep up with these crazy kids in this crazy house.
Ah, today.
Today I have no NEED to write.
Its been one of "those" days.
You know the kind. The ones that nothing seems to go right. Everyone is crabby including yours truly. Everyone is arguing. Everyone is STARVING even minutes after they just ate a meal. The kind you wish you would have stayed in bed for. The "they're coming to take me away" kind.
That kind.

Yes, I know, its the crappy part of the long winter. I just want summer. Want to be able to send the kids outside and lock the doors and not feel guilty about doing it. ( would kinda feel bad doing it now as they could actually freeze).

I know this will pass. I know someday I will be sad that I don't have a 1 year old smearing his runny boogery nose on my yoga pants. Someday I will be sad I don't have a screaming 1 year old screaming and flailing his arms madly at me when I try to use a tissue to wipe his nose, I mean I guess he'd rather use my leg. And I guess I will miss being bitten by the same 1 year old every time pick him up. Those little teeth that are trying to come in will make it through right? Can't take much more of it. The ones he has already are razor sharp and I don't really enjoy the teeth marks on my shoulder. Someday I will be sad that I don't have 2 preschoolers begging to go swimming in my bathtub with their swimsuits on, then splashing water everywhere possible and then after you think you have it all cleaned up you step in a big puddle with your no longer dry sock.The 2 preschoolers won't want a bowl of oatmeal desperately every day exactly at 3pm. The little girl won't be asking me every other minute to watch her do her version of ballet. I will be sad that my boys won't need me to sit by them as they do their math lessons. I mean, someday I will be able to workout without locking myself in my bedroom while children are banging on the door, needing me for something that can't possibly wait 25 minutes. Someday. Someday.

but apparently not today.

Nope, today I get to break up fights, comfort little girls that get shot with a Nerf dart in the eye. Make 3,542 meals. I get to pick up 25 socks, the contents of a play kitchen, granola bar wrappers, and a biting baby. Answer 923 questions about "Why do we have to do school?" and "Why do I have to write these sentences?".

But, I also got to snuggle a sweet, sleepy baby before anyone else was up for about 23 minutes. I was able to teach my children something they didn't know before. I was able to feed my children nourishing food. I was able to clothe my children with clean clothes (even if they didn't stay clean for more that 2 minutes). Today my children learned how to get along with each other, they get to practice everyday that family is one of the most important things. They get to take care of each other and learn what it is to work hard as a family. I get to hug my children and tell them how much I love them. I get to be with my children That right there is sometimes the biggest blessing in disguise.

No, I didn't get to put on makeup today or do something noteworthy. I may have felt like today was never going to end. I may have hidden in my room eating 5 chocolate kisses out of my sock drawer. I may have drank way too much coffee to make it until now but I am blessed. Blessed more that I will probably ever know. At least not until my children are grown and raising their own families. So now I will chose to go back into the battle of Motherhood with a smile on my face when just minutes ago I was ready to run away.

How about you? Are feeling this way today? I hope you can step back from everything that is going on around you for a just a minute and look at all the good things that are happening in the midst of the storm you are facing. Maybe its not the same things I'm going through but I promise that if you just take a second and breathe you may just look out the window and see a brighter day.