Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The walk.

I know what you all are thinking…”why is she blogging now, the night before the busy day of taking Audrey to the Cities for her surgery?” Well I have something I’ve been wanting to share with you and I thought now would be a good time, you know since I’m not busy or anything! Ha!


We take a lot of walks. Down our driveway. The boys take their bikes and I push the double stroller with the little ones. We’ve walked down our driveway many, many times over the last almost 9 years. Hundreds of times. And never once did I realize how things have changed over the course of our “walks”.

I started out by myself. I remember one walk in particular. September 11, 2001. I walked that driveway with little Clint inside my belly. I remember wondering what was happening to this world and how this baby in me was going to live in a world so scary. I remember looking up in the sky and noticing that there were no airplane clouds, which there normally was at least a few in that big sky. I remember praying to God on that walk that he would take care of this little one growing inside of me.

Fast track a couple years, I was pushing a stroller this time with Ethan inside for the ride, pulling Clint in a wagon. Following my little baby brothers while they rode their bikes in front of me. Realizing that this could be me someday. 5 boys. ( although now we know that didn’t happen- there was a girl involved in the mix of 5 )

Fast track til about a month ago. We were on another of our walks. I decided to bring my camera along to take some pictures of the boys riding their bikes. Clint, Ethan and Blake all zooming down the driveway as fast as they could. Me pushing Owen and Audrey.

I look down and almost tear up. Where has time gone. Wasn’t it only yesterday I was walking down that driveway alone and with a little one inside of me. Not knowing that I was going to be a mother of five beautiful children. Not know that God would be blessing me so abundantly. These two little heads that I see as I look down won’t be sitting here forever. In what will only seem like a couple days I won’t be seeing the tops of these little heads in front of me as I push them, trying to keep up with their older brothers. I have to remember what this looks like, so I can remember. I take a picture. On my camera and in my mommy heart. So I won’t forget.

I walked slowly for the rest of that walk, knowing that this time here with my children will fly by and will be forgotten if I don’t slow down and savour it. The boys of course didn’t slow down, just like they won’t slow down in growing up. I wish I could remember every walk we’ve taken but in this fast walk of life I forget to slow down and enjoy these moments with my children. I’m always rushing and trying to hurry on to the next thing that has to get done.

I stopped on the way back for Owen to blow on some dead dandelions.

 I realized just like those dandelions and how easy it is to just blow the seeds away in the wind, so is our time with our children. We need to take the short time that they are growing so fast and just be with them because in an instant the days of them being children with blow away.

 And yes, sometimes it feels like you just can’t take it anymore and its annoying ( like getting the seeds all in your mouth!) Please take the time today to cherish those simple everyday moments with your kids, they will be the ones that you and they will always remember!

As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him; for He knows how we are formed, He remembers that we are dust. As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and is gone, and its place remembers is no more. But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children's children.....
~ Psalms 103: 13-17


I'm very busy today getting everything ready for Audrey's surgery. We have lots of laundry to finish, packing, and praying to do. I'm having a hard time concentrating on all the things that need to be done today. Worrying has become my constant friend the past couple days.  I KNOW that He is watching over everything that is and will happen. And that He is in control. Every time I start to worry I remember this.

I feel like my head is spinning from everything I need to remember. I hope I don't forget anything at home that we needed to bring with.

The boys made cards and pictures for us to bring with for Audrey. I think they are a little worried about what is going to happen. Clint is probably the most just because he's old enough to know what's really happening. I asked them if they have any questions about what is going to happen and tried to explain without going into detail what is in store for Audrey for the next few days. Clint is most worried about her being in pain. Other than that the boys are really excited about going to stay at Grandma Kay's and Ethan will be staying at his cousin Carter's and going to the zoo with him for his birthday.

I'm so glad Ben will be coming down tomorrow night to be with us in the hotel and there for the surgery. It will be such a comfort to not to have to be there alone.

I'm hoping to bring the laptop with so I can update what is happening and let you all know whats going on. The only thing is the wireless part of the laptop isn't working so I might just have to use one of the hospital that they lend out.

Thank you for all the prayers you have all been sending our way all ready and we covet all the ones you could lift up on our behalf the next few days.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Dads in my life

While growing up, I may not have always gotten along with my dad all the time but I kinda felt like I was a bit of a Daddy's girl.I really didn't enjoy all the work he seemed to make us do all the time. I actually was more like the "son" most of the time. My older brother is 6 years older than me so by the time he moved out I became dad's right hand man. I was the one that had to help him with many of the projects that come with living on a farm. (my sister was there helping out too but she was mostly mom's helper) Everything from standing on a ladder in pouring rain holding sheet metal while he nailed it on, to splitting lots of wood, to cleaning out pig pens and helping sows birth their babies (yes I had to put my hand up in that!). I learned hard work and good values from my dad. That you don't sleep and lay around when there's work to be done. No sleeping in on Saturdays- nope, my sister and I had to clean the pig barn every Saturday morning, not typical for teenagers! Even though its a little weird to admit, I really enjoyed the mornings that Dad would wake me up at 5am to go to a farm and load up hogs. It was a special thing only I got to do with my dad. He would usually take me out for breakfast in a little town cafe, and even though I was usually covered in manure and wreaking of it, I loved it. ( I wouldn't have admitted it at the time- and I'm a little surprised I'm admitting it now!) Some of my favorite memories were the times Dad had Christa and I working. Memories that I tell my kids about- especially when they are complaining about small jobs they are supposed to be doing.

Now with my own kids, I am so thankful for my husband, their Dad. I appreciate the kind of Dad he is. The way he is teaching them things that will stay with them their entire lives. I'm thankful that he loves his kids so unconditionally. That he is teaching my sons how to be good fathers someday and about their Heavenly Father. He is their favorite person in the world. He loves spending time with his kids and they love spending time with him. Their favorite part of the week is when Daddy gets home. I love him for it. He is an awesome dad.

Happy Father's Day Dad! Thank you so much for everything you instilled in me. Thank you for leading me to Jesus. Thank you for your love and caring. Thank you for being there when I need you. I love you!

Happy Father's Day Ben! You are such an amazing dad to our kids. I couldn't have found a better guy! You mean so much to the kids and I and we love you so much! Thank you for all you do to take care of us and how hard you work to provide for us. You are the best Daddy in the world! I mean it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Owen is turning into my "newest" trouble maker.  Don't worry, Blake is still causing caous but Owen is turning into the 2 year old terror! He is constantly back talking me and yelling "No!" at everything I tell him. Very sad that my little brown eyed cutie pie's personality is changing.

2. Blake told me today "Daddy's lots smarter than you, Mom. He knows everything" I said "yeah, he's pretty smart" to which Ethan says " He's even smarter than a 5th grader!" I should hope so or that makes me pretty dumb!

3. The countdown is on. 7 days until Audrey's surgery. We had her physical today and she's healthy enough for the surgery. I still need to find a hotel close by the hospital for her and I to stay at on Thursday night. I'm going to get on that as soon as I finish up here.

4. Ben's 1st week of work trucking for Veissman has been going good. He's been home just about every day and we are liking that alot but we are hoping he gets more work here soon because we are going to be feeling it in our bank account if he doesn't!

5. I almost forgot to tell y'all. We, or I should say Sophie ( our chocolate lab ) had her puppies on Tuesday. She had 8 but one died right away. So even though its not as large of a litter as her last one which was 12, its still a good amount for the old gal. I really despise the smell that comes from having 8 dogs in my pantry but it will be worth it if we are able to sell them all. Can you say $$$! Although, we shall see since we still have one pup left from her last litter. Anyone want her????

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's that in your teeth?

So we've been celebrating "Sister Week"  around here. { Named by Christa} Our sister Jessica has been up from her neck in the woods( not really the woods, she's our city slicker sister actually!!)  while her son and husband have been at Bible Camp.
We went out for lunch a couple days ago at our favorite spot in Litchfield

~ Cricket Meadow.
 I was very bummed that they were out of my favorite wrap " Sibley Ave. Wrap" So I had the Blast Panini, De.Li.Cious! maybe my new favorite. We were having a good old time eating this

and this
and this

for dessert
 and laughing like we always do

 and making babies kiss

 when I looked at my mom and this is what I saw....

yup, pretty funny mom!
{ this is where we get our weird humor }
This is one of her favorite things to do to get a laugh!
So I say.." Let's all do it!"

so we do


of course I have to do it too!

Yes, we are a little very strange! But we sure love to laugh and we'll do anything to have a good one!

Even if it means taking pictures of "stranger man's" bare back when he's not looking.

Sorry Stranger Man, it was just really funny at the time and you really shouldn't be rubbing your back side in public when I have a camera and can take pictures of you.

So loving sister week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Have you been participating?

If you follow any of the big blogs out there, you've probably seen the Dad's Rock Giveaway Bash event thats been going on. On Mrs. Moneysaver you'll find lots of great giveaways like this 60-Inch Mitsubishi DLP Home Cinema TV!!! Go check it out! Its going on for a couple more hours so you better hurry!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Road again....

Ben started his new trucking job today. We just got back from bringing him to Renville to get his truck. The kids were sooo super excited to check it out. Ben is pretty excited about this new job. I'm happy he's excited because I'm just nervous. I don't handle change well. I was finally used to his schedule. Even if we didn't see eachother during the week, he at least had the same schedule all the time and I knew when and where he was going to be all the time. Now we won't know. I'm sure things will be great ( at least better than his last job), right? The first few months will probably be the worst and then things will iron out and hopefully he'll have some sort of routine. I'm really happy that he's happy and that's what counts!

On a side note ( that has nothing to do with the above).....I love KFC coleslaw!! i'm eating it right now, and I'm having a hard time stopping! Yummy :)
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Up until today I haven't worried.I think God has really given me a peace that He is taking care of her and will be guiding the doctors hands.People have asked me if I'm worried and I've said no, and its been the truth. I feel like God's hand has been a part of the whole picture, from when she got pneumonia and finding out she had the Hiatal Hernia. We wouldn't have known unless she had that chest x-ray. And we wouldn't have know unless our doctor sent us down to Children's because she had a strange sort of pneumonia ( which was actually pneumonia and the hernia.). I've been more worried about the drive down there and if I will be able to make my way around the Big City. But today as I layed down to try to take a nap, I started to worry. Then I counted how many days are left. 13. So now I worry.

 I worry about what's going to happen and how the surgery will go. I don't even know anything other than they are pretty sure they will be going in with a  laprisope ( I don't even know how to spell it!). We will be going down the day before to meet with the surgeons and they will explain everything then. Its probably best that way, so I'm not worrying more.

I worry about the boys while we are gone. We have the boys all scheduled for where they will be staying and who they will be staying with ( when you have more than 3 kids you have to split them up!) We are hoping Ben will be able to get off work for the day of her surgery so I don't have to be alone.

I worry about how her recovery will go. Will she have to be sedated for a long time after to keep her from damaging the incision's?

I worry about her being sedated. I don't like the thought of my little one being put under.

I worry about the doctors hands, and if they will know what to do.

I worry about a million little things. I wish she didn't even have to go through this. I wish I could do it for her. I don't want to think about her feeling pain.

I covet your prayers as we get closer to the date of her surgery. Pray that things will go smoothly and that the doctors hands will be guided by Him. Pray that we will feel continued peace. Pray that Audrey will recover quickly and that there will be no problems.Please pray that I will stop worrying. Thanks for your prayers already. I know alot of people are already praying and we CAN feel them. We really appreciate them!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Counting my blessings today.

1. My hunky husband.
Yes. That is an ugly, hawiian shirt that he claims is so comfortable but seriously that shirt will be making its way to the dumpster one of these days! And Yes, He actually thinks he looks really good in this shirt! Haha! I love this guy, he makes me laugh. I love his crazyiness. I love how he loves his kids, takin the boys fishing and snuggling with his little girl. He's all man and has the perfect amount of gentlness. I'm so thankful for him and all he does to provide for this crazy bunch. Yup... he's my bestie :)

2. This crazy face

and this one..

and this one..

and this one...

and this one...

3. my sisters

We are a C.Ra.Zy bunch when we get together. Come on I know you wish you were one of us wierd'os!

 I would add some more blessings but to tell you the truth its just taking too long to go though all my pictures looking for crazy faces! I may have to start this as a weekly series....? Maybe...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picture time...

I set off for a day to take some amazing pictures of my amazingly beautiful children. The setting was Munsinger Gardens. The perfect place to capture my perfect children in pictures. Or so I thought O.k maybe I really didn't think that this would work! The whole ride there I threatened and yelled that they BETTER BE GOOD! And they behave exactly the way they normally do. Not listening, not smiling, being crazy wild children.

This was the first picture....

I should have know after this picture things would not be going well on this day. This day that I had hoped would go smoothly and I could pretend for just one day that my children and perfect. I'm sure the other garden visitors thought I was a crazy woman shouting and threatening my sweet looking children.

They figured out that they better do as I say or scary mommy was going to come out! and this is about the only picture I got of them all looking at me. Even if Ethan is doing a strange impression of who knows who!

My handsome little man! He's growing up way to fast!

He's missing all four of his front teeth now! I love toothless smiles :)

Love his grin!

Owen refused to smile after the first couple pictures, I was lucky if he would even look at me. He mostly just scowled at me,
Example below....

I really had a hard time with her...she was so distracted by everything ,mostly the dirt, she kept trying to eat it. She's cute even when she's not looking:)

Me and my babies. I wish they would stop growing up! When I look at this I am amazed that I have 5 children! I can't believe how lucky I am to be mommy to this cute bunch :)

He's quite the looker, isn't he? I think so :)
Me and my girl!
The Toddler Tuesday group. We sure have some beautiful kids!

I really wish this would have worked out. All the boys look really happy but Audrey just wouldn't look up. She was fascinated by the ground.

My boys.

I guess it didn't turn out too bad, but after taking over 400 pictures and these are the only ones that remotely tuned out, its a little depressing but, hey, with 5 kids what can you expect. And I think that next time we go to Munsinger i won't be taking my camera, we'll just enjoy the park and all the beautiful flowers.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Party!!!

I am sooooo happy Audrey's party is over. We always have a big party for our kids' first birthdays. I think with just having our immediate families over I get worn out by the time their 1st birthdays are over I don't want to do it again.

We had 72 people here ( including our little bunch)That is just our parents and sibling and their families and our grandparents. Yes, we come from large families. Ben is the oldest of 13 and there are 8 kids in my families. I can't imagine how big our families will be when all our siblings are grown and married with families!

 I was so worried when I woke up that morning that it was going to be raining for the party, and it did rain the whole day. I prayed all day without ceasing that He would stop the rain just in time for our party and was having a hard time trying to decide if we should postpone it or move it somewhere else because there is NO WAY over 70 people could fit in our tiny home. { 20 people would probably be too much!} I decided that we would just have it anyways here and I believed God would take care of it. And so I wasn't too surprised when at exactly 5:00 He brought out the blue sky and the sun shone down on our party. It was perfect and crazy ( it couldn't be anything else with that many people) We had so much fun with our families and enjoyed celebrating out little 1 year old princess.

big cake for a little girl!

I know you have all been going crazy wondering what cake I was going to choose from this post. And I chose number 5. I guess it was meant to be since it was already named the "Audrey Cake". I know it doesn't even come close to how beautiful Amanda's cake was, I had to change a little bit of it because my decorator wasn't working for me very well. But all in all at least the middle turned out and it was edible :)


Doesn't look too great on the outside....

.....but its the inside that makes it all come together!
Yes, that's 6 layers...and yes it was alot of work but was so worth it!

Loving the cake

Blake and cousin Brett playing Star Wars/Cowboys??

Auntie Jen, Auntie Stephanie, Auntie Joy, Grandma Jodi, Auntie Rosie

Auntie Jaci, Auntie Jessica, cousin Zander, Grandma Kay, cousin Gianna, cousin Melina, Auntie Christa

Auntie Caroline and cousin Garrett

Great-Grandma Noney and Auntie Jaci

Great Grandmas Maurine and Lavonne

Great Grandpas Walt and Benny