Friday, January 29, 2010

Of Pigtails and Pizza

So I kinda got lazy and didn't put the pictures of Audrey in pigtails up last night. Decided to sit on my big rear end and watch Criminal Minds instead and shouldn't have because I couldn't sleep because of it. Anyways here they are- isn't she the cutest?? I admit that I am a bit parcial but I do think she is the prettiest girl in the world!

Today we went on the funnest field trip yet to Jimmy's Pizza with our Homeschool Group. The kids were able to learn how they take orders and make the pizza. They even got to make their very own pizza. They weren't very creative though. Clint and Blake had Pepperoni and Ethan made his with pepperoni arount the outer edge and put a big pile of black olives right in the middle. It smelled so good but tey didn't want to share with mom but Blake did give me a couple of his pepperoni :) They were very excited about getting to get their own pop too. Clint had Sierra Mist, Blake had Root Beer and Ethan mixed Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi together- yuck- he's my little daredevil- always gotta be a little different :)

Waiting for teir turn in the kitchen!

Pizza Makin' Time :)

Watching for their pizza to get done.

After Jimmy's we headed to the grocery store for a few things and then went to Goodwill and see if we could find any treasures. The kids each found a set of legos for 1.99 each (all the pieces were there too! Clint's hadn't ever been open yet) They were soooo excited. I found a couple board books for the littler kids and a baby einstein dvd for Audrey. Excited about that one- only 4.99 and it was brand new still in its original wrapping. We picked up Owen and Audrey who stayed at Grandma Jodi's while we had our fun. We stayed and visited for a bit because Audrey was napping and I do not like waking her when she's sleeping since she doesn't do it very often. She probably slept for 2 hours- shocker- Don't know when she's ever done that for a nap. Guess it was pretty quiet over there and she could actually sleep without all the noise like at our house!

 I'm pretty excited about tonight. There is a shower at the local tea shoppe ( one of my fav places to go! ) for my friend and her new little girlie! Its going to be so much fun to be with all my favorite women! I'm sure we will have lots of laughs and lots of oohing and ahhing over her sweet little girl. I love it when I get a chance to hang out with all my besties :)

P.S Ethan lost his 1st tooth today! He is pretty excited to see what the toothfairy brings him ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On The Move!

Audrey has become quite the little crawler! I'll put her on the living room floor and go in the kitchen, turn around and she is trying to follow me as fast as her little ands and knees will take her! Its so funny and adorable.  We have had to become very diligent on keeping little tings off the floor. She is constantly putting things in her mouth. Mostly legos, corn and pellets from our corn burner. The boys have become very good about getting things out of her mouth.  I think her favorite thing to do now since she can get where she wants to go is following Owen around and messing with his trains. Boy, does that irritate him, it hilarious. He gets really mad and yells "No,No,No! My,my,my!!!" Its funny how he just learned those words since Audrey as been going after his stuff.
 Yesterday Owen said the sweetest thing. I had just brought Audrey down from her bed in te morning when Owen looks up at her and says "Audee,Audee, Audee, I wove oo"I just about melted right there:) He as also been really into humming and singing lately. His brothers ave taught him to sing "We will, we will rock you" and he has been humming the theme song from Indiana Jones all morning! (I thing te boys have been playing the Lego Indiana Jones game a little too much if that song is rubbing off on him- haha)

I'm soooo excited! I was able to put pigtails in Audrey's hair today- it is the cutest thing EVER! I have always wanted to have a little girl to put pigtails in, now I finally can :) I'll put a picture up later to show you all how adorable she is with them in.

I am so sick of this winter cold! I am sick of having to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts to bed because we don't ave heat upstairs in te bedrooms. And I'm so tired of dealing with our retarded Corn Burner!!! Last night before bed I dumped in a 5 gallon bucket of corn and thought that would be enough until morning but unfortunatly for me it wasn't and was out when we woke up tis morning. So after struggling to get that dumb thing started for almost 4 hours the house is starting to warm up. I wish I could just go through my day and not have to think about trying to keep that thing going. Yes, it has saved us alot of money this winter already but it is suc a headache.

Wow, I have been just rambling on about random things. Guess I just needed to get those things out of my head so I have room for other things.Gets pretty full sometimes- just not with anything worthwhile! Haha :)

By te way- you might ave noticed throught tis post that alot of words are missing the letter "H". Its because for some reason that key is not always working when I hit it. So I have went through most and found where tey are and fixed them but I probably missed alot of them and don't feel like going through te whole thing to fix the rest.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1) GOATS- i hate them. They stink. They are weird looking. Maybe I feel such disdain for them since my sisters and I were forced to milk them growing up. Plus drank the milk- DISCUSTING! If you've ever wondered how goat milk tastes- it tastes exactly the way the goat smells! I promised myself when I was younger that I would never make my kids milk goats! I hope I dont go back on that promise! I have been thinking lately that I need to get some animals for the kids to have some chores. ( I think that is very important) I wouldn't mind getting some pigs. Yes, pigs stink too but they arent quite as annoying as a goat!

2) GROCERIES!!! I don't know about anyone else but haven't groceries gotten horribly expensive. Maybe I didn't realize until lately because my kids have become bottomless pits. I could easily spend $150 a week just on food. I am scared what I'll be spending when they are teenagers! Ben said thats why he's teaching them to hunt- so they can live on wild meat and potatoes.

3) GIRL KISSERS- this is Ben's favorite way to annoy the boys. Anytime he wants to get them going he ust has to whisper these words to the boys and they go absolutly nuts! The hands start slapping and feet start kicking. Its turned into the favorite thing amongest themselves to say when they are mad at eachother.

One more thing I just have to tell. Quite an embarressing one at that! Last Thursday after our Homeschool Co-op we went to Target to get a few things. I really should have known better than to take five tired cranky kids into a store by myself, but I think I must love to torture myself in some wierd way! Anyways, we were wandering around looking at things, trying to remember what I was doing there since I forgot to make a list and I tend to forget everything I'm supposed to be doing when I walk into a store. I bumped into my sister- in-law in there with her kids who were being nice, sweet children ( Yes, Danielle, your kids were being good at least when we were visiting  ; ) ) Out of the blue- Blake shouts " I gotta POOP!!! " Quickly I try to tell him he's going to have to wait. He says loudly again "I gotta Poop bad! " so I say goodbye to Danielle and hurry towards the bathroom with five children surrounding me, all the while Blake keeps saying a little loudly for my taste that he really has to POOOOP" I try to tell him to stop saying it out loud and yes we are almost there. Get to the bathroom and wonder what should I do?? Take all five kids into the bathroom? It'll take to long to get Audrey and Blake out of the cart and the way Blakes acting he's going to have an accident reall soon. So I send Ethan and Blake into the Mens bathroom to do what needs to be done. We sat and waited outside for what seemed like a long time, finally Ethan comes out. I ask him what's taking Blake so long?? He says he's still going (yuck! ) I go over and crack the door open, an employee from Target walks out as I shout in there "Blake- what's taking so long" He yells........" I'M NAKED!!!!!!!!!" I think that employee felt sorry for me- he said he'd wait at the door and keep anyone from going in so I could go in and help my child. I hurry in and thankfully he wasn't naked but unfortunatly it would have been better if he had. His hands and shirt were covered in the poo.  I had to really try not to vomit as I cleaned him up. Why oh why don't I listen to myself when I tell myself over and over that I'm never taking kids with me into a store again. I must have some sort of memory loss that I forget that many horrible things happen when I take the kids out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oyster's 2nd Birthday

So today my little man turned 2! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! It literally feels like it was just yesterday......I remember the thrill of holding him in my arms for the first time, how little and precious he was. That new baby smell! I remember how exctied we were to have another baby in the house- it had been the longest stretch between Blake who was just about 3 and him that we'd had since we started our family! I think with him I just wanted to keep him a baby as long as possible since I knew how fast they grow up. I just wanted to cherish every moment. 
 I remember how scary it was when I was in labor with him- how my blood pressure dropped so suddenly and they was no response from him in the longest 4 minutes of my life. I remember them giving me oxygn and the look on Ben's face across the room with tears in his eyes. They were getting ready to take me to have a C-section but finally getting a response from him and then them just getting him out as fast as they could with a vacumn. I was never so happy to have him safe and in my arms. I am always amazed how fast you have your heart filled with such an all encompassing love when each child is born. We are so blessed to have Owen as our son- Thanks to God for the blessing of children!

This morning we started of with pancakes with a candle for Owen in his. He usually LOVES pancakes but for wome reason today he wouldn't even eat one bite. I think the candle may have scared him a bit.

 I really didn't have any other plans today except making some cupcakes since we are having our parents over this Saturday for supper and a little party. My sister called me and gave  the idea to out for pizza with her and her kids. So we decided to do that but then I thought it would be more fun with some of Owen's friends and their families. We ended up with 24 people at Pizza Hut! The kids had a blast and mine were VERY loud, I really shouldn't have got them pop! We had some pizza and cupcakes. It was fun that it turned into a bigger thing than I planned( or didn't plan) on:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To my 1 Year Old for the last time.....

Dear Little Oyster,
 You are the sweetest, silliest, cutest  little 1 yr old we know. We love the way you talk- how you say " HI" with the sweetest most innocent face when you did something naughty and are hoping your cuteness  and big brown eyes will keep you from getting in trouble. How you give your little sister the sweetest little kisses complete with smacking lips! How you love cuddling with your big brother Clint- you 2 are the best buddies! How you love to play with Ethan and fight with Blake. How you get so excited when Daddy comes home from work that you run up and give him the biggest hug possible. The way you love to cuddle in the morning with Mommy in bed watching Milo and Otis!How your favorite thing in the world is puppies but somehow you think they say "meow"! We love you, our little Oyster, our soon to be 2yr old. I wish I could stop time and keep you this innocent and sweet. I wish I could keep you my baby and cuddle you forever. Since I can't, I will treasure each new moment with you as if I will lose it at any second. You are my boy, my sweet little man. I love you Owie!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Reality!!

Ahhhhhh......... it felt so absolutely wonderful to have the much needed and antisipated weekend with my sisters and mom. There were 6 women and 2 babies crammed into one woom with a king size bed and a pull out couch. We also had a rollaway brought in too. ( we really should have had 2 room- but we all like being together!) i really felt sorry for my sister who had to sleep in the middle of the bed with myself and my youngest sister because we both had babies that kept waking up so she was constantly being woken up by us getting out of the bed to take care of them. She is so sweet though and would never say it bothered her. We relaxed in the hot tub and did our nails. Ate pizza and did some shopping. And laughed... alot!

I love being with my sisters and mom. I can't imagine what it would be like to not have sisters. I think about that alot when I realize that Audrey probably won't have any : ( I'm wondering if that is selfish of me... but then again I decide another baby would be a girl)

Its so funny... anytime you are with a bunch of mom and your all without your kids. And as much as you try to NOT talk about your kids, it is usually the main topic. I guess its hard to talk about something else when your lives revole around being a mom.

I had a great time but then you always end up having to go back to reality! It hits you hard! Walking in the door, you're hit with crushed popcorn smashed into every corner of the house. Toys strewn everywhere, dirty clothes in weird places. Dishes stacked high in the sink, big wet milk stains on the couch that you didn't notice until you got up from siting on it and your butts all wet. But you realize that you love all this despite the mess when the kids run up to you to give you a big kiss and hug and say they missed you. When they are so excited to show you the ice fishing rod they won at the Wild Game Feed they went to with Dad when you were gone. Just hearing them yell "Mommy's home" feels so good. You realize that, yes, you could start getting really upset that couple things that you asked your husband to make sure to get done, didn't get done; irritated that the kids are wearing really weird clothes that don't go together or that the socks that your almost 2 yr old are wearing are actually socks that are made to fit a newborn; it doesn't matter, DOESN'T MATTER. They are sll still alive and they had the BEST time with daddy. They got to spend time with their hero and the coolest guy they know! This time that they spent with Daddy was probably more important than Mommy's need for a relaxing weekend. So, even that though I will be spending the week finding popcorn crumbled and smached into the carpet around the house- this was a great weekend for everyone involved!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Freaky Fridays!!!!

 Boy, is it a Friday or what! I hate, hate ,hate Fridays!!! They are worse than Mondays! Maybe its all in my head and I untentionally tell myself to have a bad day on Fridays..I don't know! I need to quit this bad attitude! Right....right.  Its not like anything THAT bad happened, its just all the little things that added up to a bad day. I should have just gotten up early and taken a shower and gotten ready for the day, but, no, I stayed in my pj's for way too long. I don't know about anyone else but that right there is one reason I have a hard time getting going in the morning. The boys begged to have pancakes this morning which I don't mind but then we get a late start to school because I have to clean all the stickyness off everything before I can put all the school books and things on the table. The kids kept fighting.Then Blake spilled a whole glass of koolaid on the table and floor after me repeating several time to "SIT DOWN NOW or you'll spill your juice"! Audrey wouldn't take a morning nap so school was further delayed. Just one thing after the next!
   I can't tell you how excited about getting away with my sisters and mom tomorrow for a fun weekend! Mom surprised us girls @ Christmas with a gift to go to a hotel and have a fun getaway for JUST US GIRLS!!!!! We are goin to have soooooo much fun! We always have such a good time together. Can't wait to sit in the hot tub, do our nails, order pizza and JUST RELAX!!!! I'm bringing Audrey with- she'll be the only baby with but I just can't do that to Ben! I'm sure he could handle it but they are planning on going to the Wild Game Feed at our church and didn't think he could do that with her along. Plus she's a girl and needs a break from all the "males" around here too!

P.S... just realized I've been spelling Challenge wrong- oops...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Fridays : I have a love/hate relationship with fridays! I hate it because it is usually the longest day of the week- the kids are crabby, I'm crabby. I usually have a couple breakdowns every Friday because I just can't take anymore and desperatly need a Mommy break! Poor Ben usually has a pysco wife those days- calling him repeatedly and asking if he will just hurry up and get home NOW! He really can't hurry across Wisconsin fast enough for me! I love fridays because it means we have finished the week of school and can enjoy the weekend. I love it when Ben gets home on Friday nights, the kids LOVE it too! They get so excited when he comes home they usually attack him as soon as he walks in the door.

five: I can't believe I have 5 kids! I remember wanting to have at least 6 kids when we first got married! I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING!!! 5 is my perfect number! I love how each child is completely different from each other! You would think that with having five kids they would look alot alike but really they each look so defferent from eachother. Their personalities are so different too- life would be so boring if they weren't:)
Many times a day I feel overwhelemed with all these kids and then there will be a few times when I have to count to make sure they are all here because they a being so quiet and I think- hey I could handle a few more....but then it gets crazy again and I wake up from that little dream!

finger: the pinky finger to be exact! I think I may have broken or at least sprained my little finger. It has been over a week and it still is in alot of pain. It really hurts to grasp anything with my right hand. A little embarressing how it happened-( things like this usually are) I stupidly decided to jump onto Ben when he was laying on the couch. While I was flying through the air Ben moved quickly out of the way and my hand dove in between the couch and the cushions and my finger struck the wood beam that is under the cushions. OUCH! Yes, I can be very stupid at times and this was one of those!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confessions From a Guilty Mama!

Can you believe it??? 2 posts in one day??
I really jsut need to confess something.....something that I normally wouldn't confess. Except now I'm trying to change this so I need to be kept accountable somehow. I allow my kids to watch TOO MUCH t.v. And some of you might be thinking that you do yourselves but probably not as much as mine do. I've realized that most of the day the television is on. They aren't even watching it most of the time (well, Clint maybe is- he's my t.v bug!!) . I don't know why I feel the need to add to the noise that is surround me at all times?? I'm not sure. I get so stressed sometime from their wildness and rough housing that I am telling them all the time to just go watch something.It doesn't help it just gets louder. Then to top it off Ben bought a XBOX 360 last weekend. I can hardly get the kids to do anything else. So this morning I decided to change all this. I made tickets that the kids will get in the morning for screen time. They get 3- 30 minute vouchers a day. (you all are probably thinking that this is WAY TOO much but beleive me this is way less than they usually use!) *really embarressed*  The kids thought this was really fun! Clint of course used his up right away. (they have to wait til after school to use them). Ethan and Blake each used 2. I'm hoping this helps.

Phew....glad I got that off my chest.....confessions is good for the soul. I'll have to this more often.


O.k, O.k....I've been avoiding my blog for a couple weeks now- this alphabet thing is more challenging than I thought it would be! We had a wonderful Christmas! I was pretty stressed out the last week (even though i was trying NOT to be) I am always waiting until the last minute to anything- I am a procrastinator my nature- so of course I waited until the last 2 days before Christmas to start wrapping presents and making the boys their Vikings fleece tie blankets ( by the way- they LOVED them)

Ethan showing off his Vikings blanket
 Ben didn't get home until late evening Christmas Eve because of the weather but I was very happy that he MADE it home at all- The roads were horrible in Wisconsin on his way back to MN. We spent Christmas Day at my parents with the WHOLE huge family! I love it there! Its so much fun when we all get to be together. And you can count on it being very LOUD! It just wouldn't be the same without all that noise.
We went to Ben's parents the day after, and Wow, what a difference in noise level! There are even more people in his family and it was SOOO quiet! I still haven't figured out if my side is abnormally noisy or if his family is abnormally quiet. Either way- I love the noise :)

hanging with Melina and Zander

daddy with his babies

Yeah, you're probably noticing that my topics are NOT starting with "E's ". ( did you notice how I enlarged the words that do start with E??? Yes, I'm lazy...

Owen is going to be 2 in nine days! I really don't want that kid to grow up- he is such a funny, cuddley, sweet boy. I'm scared that when he turns 2 his personality will change into a strong-willed guy. I have been trying to decide if I will have a party for him or not- leaning towards the NOT! We usually just do a big party for the kids when they turn 1. I just get too stressed out to have both of our large families over to our very tiny house. I really wish all my kids would have been born in the summer- we would probably have more parties if that was the case. He is really starting to talk- FINALLY-. His favorite words are- meow, dad, mom,what,peas(please),Bake(Blake),hi,gus(guys),bus(boys) kiss,and his absolute favoite is "Ewwww". I really shouldn't write this but this morning while I was showering he somehow snuck in the bathroom and opened the shower curtin, looked and me and said....."EWWwwww" It was so funny- I just starting laughing which just made him say it more- thanks little man!

It was back to the diet yesterday- haven't stepped on the scale yet since I took a week and a half off. Kinda scared to- I'll probably wait til the end of the week and hopefull be where I was before I went on the break.
But before the break I had lost 17 lbs. doing pretty good so far :-)

Audrey's 1st Christmas

Clint got a Jared Allen picture!!

Audrey's 1st doll

Ethan and Carter

Clint eating Monkey break
(one of our traditions on Christmas mornings)


Audrey' fell asleep while we we having breakfast.
Opening presents can be alot of work :)

Clint and Daddy reading the Christmas Story

Grandma Kay and Mommy with Audrey

Uncle Isaac with Audrey ( he doesn't look too happy about this, does he??)