Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Decisions, decisions.....

Audrey's 1st Birthday is in 8 days! Time has just flown by since our little princess was born. Her party is in 10 days and I'm still trying to come up with a plan! I got the invites out {phew}, trying to get her room finished, and have decided that we don't have a theme. I just couldn't decide. Right now, I'm freaking out about what kind of cake I should make for her. I've been pouring over my favorite baking blog in search of the perfect cake. I'm needing some help narrowing it down though- just does awesome work and I know that I won't be able to even come close to how great her cakes turn out and whatever I decide to do will have to be easy enough that I won't be flipping out at the last minute trying to get it just right. I'm not sure if I can do this or if its illegal but I'm going to link my favorites from her blog so you all can help me decide. So here are the ones that have stood out to me. And after your done helping me you so need to check out the rest of her blog- she does A.MAZ.ING work! I really wish I was her! ( She has an "Audrey" too)

Option #1 This cake is delicate looking and pretty. And the inside has a surprise :)

Option #2 I love how colorful this one is

Option #3 This one is just too cute!

Option #4I know this one is supposed to be for a bridal shower but it is just so girlie and I love it!

Option #5 I think this is my FAVORITE!! And not just because it is actually named "Audrey's Cake" O.K, maybe it does have something to do with my love for this cake! There are a few more on her site that I love too but 5 is probably enough for you to help me decide from. If you see a different one that you see on her site that you love more let me know and I'll check it out! I wish I could order one from her but I guess she's booked through August! She's THAT good!


  1. Can't get over that you are freaking out about a cake...but not freak out steping in a toad...huh?
    I like fav and super cute..but thats just me.
    Good luck with all that. :)

  2. Hey Joy,
    My vote is also for number 3! I think it is perfect for Audrey! And it doesn't look super hard to do! Good luck on whatever you decide!

  3. They are all adorable!!! What would you think of #5 if you did the stripes multi colored, and threw a few flowers on the sides??...Just a thought. Whatever you do will be simply lovely, I'm sure!!!!! Rosie,

  4. Um, wow. Those are awesome looking! I vote for number 1! Love those flowers inside! (Only I'd probably be too lazy and skip them!) ;)

  5. I think number 1 is cute and easy if you skip the inside, but number 3 is my favorite.