Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picture time...

I set off for a day to take some amazing pictures of my amazingly beautiful children. The setting was Munsinger Gardens. The perfect place to capture my perfect children in pictures. Or so I thought O.k maybe I really didn't think that this would work! The whole ride there I threatened and yelled that they BETTER BE GOOD! And they behave exactly the way they normally do. Not listening, not smiling, being crazy wild children.

This was the first picture....

I should have know after this picture things would not be going well on this day. This day that I had hoped would go smoothly and I could pretend for just one day that my children and perfect. I'm sure the other garden visitors thought I was a crazy woman shouting and threatening my sweet looking children.

They figured out that they better do as I say or scary mommy was going to come out! and this is about the only picture I got of them all looking at me. Even if Ethan is doing a strange impression of who knows who!

My handsome little man! He's growing up way to fast!

He's missing all four of his front teeth now! I love toothless smiles :)

Love his grin!

Owen refused to smile after the first couple pictures, I was lucky if he would even look at me. He mostly just scowled at me,
Example below....

I really had a hard time with her...she was so distracted by everything ,mostly the dirt, she kept trying to eat it. She's cute even when she's not looking:)

Me and my babies. I wish they would stop growing up! When I look at this I am amazed that I have 5 children! I can't believe how lucky I am to be mommy to this cute bunch :)

He's quite the looker, isn't he? I think so :)
Me and my girl!
The Toddler Tuesday group. We sure have some beautiful kids!

I really wish this would have worked out. All the boys look really happy but Audrey just wouldn't look up. She was fascinated by the ground.

My boys.

I guess it didn't turn out too bad, but after taking over 400 pictures and these are the only ones that remotely tuned out, its a little depressing but, hey, with 5 kids what can you expect. And I think that next time we go to Munsinger i won't be taking my camera, we'll just enjoy the park and all the beautiful flowers.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!


  1. Joy, I love reading your blog! You are so real with your expressions and tell the truth how as a Mom of many can be frustrating yet so rewarding! I love the pics..even the frustrating ones for you. Your children are beautiful and normal little kids that love to test when pics are being taken. Keep up the great job!!

  2. I love the pictures. It is the truth. This is how it is, not all poses and smiles! Love the one of you and Audrey!


  3. Cute pictures at Munsinger! Love the one with you and the kids! I can't get Kenlie to sit for pictures anymore either...always something more interesting to do!