Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Dads in my life

While growing up, I may not have always gotten along with my dad all the time but I kinda felt like I was a bit of a Daddy's girl.I really didn't enjoy all the work he seemed to make us do all the time. I actually was more like the "son" most of the time. My older brother is 6 years older than me so by the time he moved out I became dad's right hand man. I was the one that had to help him with many of the projects that come with living on a farm. (my sister was there helping out too but she was mostly mom's helper) Everything from standing on a ladder in pouring rain holding sheet metal while he nailed it on, to splitting lots of wood, to cleaning out pig pens and helping sows birth their babies (yes I had to put my hand up in that!). I learned hard work and good values from my dad. That you don't sleep and lay around when there's work to be done. No sleeping in on Saturdays- nope, my sister and I had to clean the pig barn every Saturday morning, not typical for teenagers! Even though its a little weird to admit, I really enjoyed the mornings that Dad would wake me up at 5am to go to a farm and load up hogs. It was a special thing only I got to do with my dad. He would usually take me out for breakfast in a little town cafe, and even though I was usually covered in manure and wreaking of it, I loved it. ( I wouldn't have admitted it at the time- and I'm a little surprised I'm admitting it now!) Some of my favorite memories were the times Dad had Christa and I working. Memories that I tell my kids about- especially when they are complaining about small jobs they are supposed to be doing.

Now with my own kids, I am so thankful for my husband, their Dad. I appreciate the kind of Dad he is. The way he is teaching them things that will stay with them their entire lives. I'm thankful that he loves his kids so unconditionally. That he is teaching my sons how to be good fathers someday and about their Heavenly Father. He is their favorite person in the world. He loves spending time with his kids and they love spending time with him. Their favorite part of the week is when Daddy gets home. I love him for it. He is an awesome dad.

Happy Father's Day Dad! Thank you so much for everything you instilled in me. Thank you for leading me to Jesus. Thank you for your love and caring. Thank you for being there when I need you. I love you!

Happy Father's Day Ben! You are such an amazing dad to our kids. I couldn't have found a better guy! You mean so much to the kids and I and we love you so much! Thank you for all you do to take care of us and how hard you work to provide for us. You are the best Daddy in the world! I mean it!


  1. Oh Joy...this made me cry...very beautiful and from your heart. If your dad doesn't read your blog, I hope you print this off for your dad cause I know it will mean the world to him to read your words. I feel blessed tonight to have read this. XX

  2. I agree with my mom! Print this for your dad! This was such a beautiful fathers day tribute! :))