Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

This morning my thoughts have been on how blessed I am. The Lord has blessed me more that I deserve. After almost overposting on Facebook about everything I'm thankful for I thought it might be better for everyone involved to write all my blessings here.
  1. Jesus. Without his amazing love and forgiveness my life would be completely different. He has restored this family and my marriage over the last year. We may not have had what people would think was a bad marriage but by never giving up on Ben, He got our relationship back where it should be, with Christ as the center!
  2. My handsome Husband. Not only does he provide for us, but he does so without complaining. Ever. I'm serious! In the past couple months Ben has been dealing a lot with being sick, and many days he has to got to work at 4:30am even if he has worked late the nights before and getting only a few hours of sleep. He never complains or whines. He just provides faithfully for his family. I would be whining to anyone within hearing distance if I had to do that. I admire that man so much. I'm thankful that he loves m even when I'm so unlovable and at my crabbiest. He is patient with me. Have I told you how much I love him? It doesn't hurt that he's a handsome one at that;)
  3. My 6, yes SIX!!!!!! children! I really never would have thought that I would be blessed with all these kids. Even though they test me daily to the edge of sanity, I would never trade my life of being their Mama. They make me laugh everyday. And for sure I wouldn't be nearly as funny if I didn't have them. They laugh at all my jokes. Which is good for the ego;) I am so proud of each one of them. Clint, Ethan, Blake, Owen, Audrey and Killian, without you I wouldn't be nearly as crazy but I wouldn't be as happy either!
  4. My sisters. They are my very bestest friends. I talk to them on a daily basis and can't imagine going through life without them. They are some of the funniest girls I know. They are the best girlfriends I could ever ask for!
  5. My mama and papa. Thanks for raising me to love Jesus. Thanks for being there when I need you. Thanks for loving my kids:) They love their Grandma Kay and Grandpa Jim.
  6. For my brothers. Jake, my big brother, I love you even though you used to pick on my like crazy and never seemed to like me much growing up. I loved having a big brother and really loved working with you on the pig farm when I was younger. I thought I was so cool that I got to work with you. It makes me happy that you and Ben are good friends and that our kids love playing together. To my little bothers  Brothers;) Even though we didn't grow up together, I was so happy when you guys were born. And even though it seemed like a lot of work babysitting you and changing your diapers you life wouldn't be the same if you guys weren't around;) You have been wonderful Uncles to your not much younger that yourselves nephews and niece. Michael, I love it that you are my Clint's very bestest bud!
  7. Ben's family. You all have made me feel like one of you all. And after over 11 years I feel like I have always been. You are always there when we need you and thank you for raising up such a wonderful man!
  8. My homeschooling mama's! What would I do if I didn't get the encouragement that I do from you all! Homeschooling alone is enough to break a person but when I need the right words to get me to keep going you know just what to say.
  9. To all of our friends out there. We are so thankful to have each and every one of you in our life! You all bring something different and wonderful to our lives and we love you all so much.
  10. This house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, after living in a small, rundown house for the last 11 years moving to this house feels like a mansion. I never thought I'd be living in a house that is only 3 years old and not over 100 like the other place. I'm thankful for all the room we have now for our growing bunch. A warm home, one that doesn't have drafts everywhere and one that I don't have to worry about keeping a wood stove going all night long. We are only here because of the grace of God. Thank you Jesus for this home!
  11. Ben's job. For over 5 years I had a truck driver for a husband. It was tough. Most of the time I felt like a single mom. Ben was gone usually 5 days as well as nights a week. Some days it felt like I was just trying to make it through the week and not enjoying any of it. Now with Ben home every single night, I feel like I can enjoy each day knowing he will be home at the end and not just pushing through until his day off. Truly living for the weekend so to speak. The kids missed him so much and we always starving for his attention when he would be home. Now he is there for them every night and it has really made a difference in their attitudes and behaviors.
  12. Being able to Homeschool. Now I know it may not seem like I'm thankful for this very much, because truthfully it is a huge commitment and can be very stressful at times. But I'm so thankful that I get to spend all my days with my children teaching them what our family believes are good strong values and skills. To be able to be their biggest influence is a big responsibility but one that we feel is the best for our family.I'm thankful that as of now we are still free to teach our children from our home.
  13. That I am a Stay at Home Mama. It may not be a high paying career but I get payed daily in hugs, kisses and at times, slimy, snotty smears on my shirt. I get to be here when my babies take their first steps, say their first words, and do their first math problems. I get to make "owies" better, give encouragement, and be here whenever my kid need me. I may not get to go to the bathroom alone, or eat my food when its still warm but I'm my kids favorite mommy:)
There are so many, many more things that I am thankful for but right now I need to go take care of my "Blessings" They need their breakfast and someone needs a diaper change. I should add that I'm thankful for disposable diapers! I've done the cloth thing but seriously the disposable same me so much time!
Happy Thanksgiving!!