Friday, June 18, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Owen is turning into my "newest" trouble maker.  Don't worry, Blake is still causing caous but Owen is turning into the 2 year old terror! He is constantly back talking me and yelling "No!" at everything I tell him. Very sad that my little brown eyed cutie pie's personality is changing.

2. Blake told me today "Daddy's lots smarter than you, Mom. He knows everything" I said "yeah, he's pretty smart" to which Ethan says " He's even smarter than a 5th grader!" I should hope so or that makes me pretty dumb!

3. The countdown is on. 7 days until Audrey's surgery. We had her physical today and she's healthy enough for the surgery. I still need to find a hotel close by the hospital for her and I to stay at on Thursday night. I'm going to get on that as soon as I finish up here.

4. Ben's 1st week of work trucking for Veissman has been going good. He's been home just about every day and we are liking that alot but we are hoping he gets more work here soon because we are going to be feeling it in our bank account if he doesn't!

5. I almost forgot to tell y'all. We, or I should say Sophie ( our chocolate lab ) had her puppies on Tuesday. She had 8 but one died right away. So even though its not as large of a litter as her last one which was 12, its still a good amount for the old gal. I really despise the smell that comes from having 8 dogs in my pantry but it will be worth it if we are able to sell them all. Can you say $$$! Although, we shall see since we still have one pup left from her last litter. Anyone want her????

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  1. I love your header picture! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your kind comment! Good luck with your daughter's surgery. Hope all goes well.