Friday, August 20, 2010

What's missing?

You probably won't even notice, but I got rid of that little thing on the sidebar telling us all who has recently stopped by my blog. Why? You might ask. Well, its just too embarrassing to see that the last person out there to look at my blog was 40some days ago. Yes, I know that there are some of you that do sometimes occasionally stop by to read my pointless ramblings, and I know I haven't been updating with regular updates- sorry. But the people that actually subscribe to BlogFrog, don't seem to care if they stop by my little ol' blog. That's fine. I really don't care, but I don't like being reminded of if every time I'm on here. It probably is my own fault that they aren't stopping by though- I have a hard time commenting on other bloggers blogs, I was denied that part of my brain when I was born- the inability to comment in a smart, funny, exciting way. So I usually enjoy all that I read but just can't come up with something sassy to comment. So if you're reading this and you are wondering why I haven't commented on your blog lately- don't take it personally, I love reading your blogs but I am just a dummy when it comes to commenting.

Oh and I have got to let you know who is my FAV.OR.ITE.EST blogger out there. The Lumberjack's Wife is the funnest blog I have ever read.  I subscribe to her blog by email, and just about every morning when I wake up I run to my computer to read her latest post. I love the way she writes and I really wish I could be her or at least her real life friend- we would have soooo much fun together. She has super adorable kids, and it seem like they are always doing some sort of adventurous things, like huckleberry picking to camping with a parachute. Please go check her out- you will be glad you did :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Has it really been that long.....

Wow! Time has been flying by faster than I can process it. Time to play catch up. I'm not even sure I remember what we did yesterday, let alone what went in the last 2 1/2 weeks (yes, its been that long!) since I've been on here. I need an evening just to catch up on all my favorite blogs. but yes, I will start by getting you all caught up in our exciting boring life :)

oh, where to start....
I need to go read what I last wrote.
Hang on a sec.

Now I remember. We were about to venture on the Family Camping Trip. It really wasn't a trip. You see we live only a few miles away from the campground. We like it that way. Anyways, it was SO STINKIN', STICKY, SICKENING HOT! I was so happy we have a camper with air conditioning! i felt really bad for my parents and my siblings that we in tents. It was pretty much miserable, but we spent alot of time down by the lake where it was cooler.
 We, as we always do when we are together, eat too much. pretty much the entire time. We ate fish cooked over the fire, yummy! We devoured a huge breakfast over the fire as is tradition. And so many snacks, bars, and goodies, I'm amazed we could even walk. 
 I was hoping to get some really fun pictures but I kinda forgot to take my camera around with me, so not much to show. I did take a few, this one is my favorite! note my sister Christa in the background. I really didn't even notice she was in the picture until later. She is what makes this photo!

Here is one of the cutest little girlies you'll ever see! She is a baby you just can't help but kiss on!

A bunch of the kids waiting for their turn on the tube!
Clint and Ethan went on it! They went on it multiple times. They are definitely not like their momma! I'm too scared to fly behind a fast boat!

Yup, there a some more pictures but they are really boring so I won't bore you with them either.

So whats next.....

Last week, the kids participated in our church's VBS. The Theme was Pioneering with Courage. So they had fun making covered wagons, wooden spoon snakes, cowboy vests, tin buckets to hold goodies, and wanted posters with their pictures on them.The kids had fun Bible stories around a "campfire", puppet shows ( I was one of the puppets- Buster Beaver), singing, and we even had a special surprise of the very fun Clip Clop, Trolley ride though the town. We must have has a 45 minute ride. The kids thought it was so fun, so did I :) We ended the week with a pizza party.

Just had to take a picture of my girl in her bonnet. most of the girls wore bonnets, they were so cute!

our ride on the Trolley

my little pioneers and me :)

Don't you just love her dress? I'm tempted to buy one just so I can play dress up.

Our driver. I loved that they dressed like pioneers.
 We had such a great time. I'm so thankful that even though our church is a small one, we still do things like this for the kids. Its something they will never forget!

my girl rockin' her new 2 piece and bandanna :)
gotta keep her scalp from burning.

yes, that very red beverage my daughter is drinking is Gatorade. it was the only thing I could think to bring for her to drink that wouldn't spoil. I forgot the cooler and i needed to keep the kids hydrated. And milk just wouldn't do on such a hot day. So Gatorade is was.

the only picture I got of Ethan....while he was coming to dry off, I quickly snapped a picture.
We finally went to the pool. And it was to do it! Super HOT and Humid. it felt so good to sit in the water and splash. I didn't get any pictures of the big boys because they were in the big pool and I couldn't leave Owen and Audrey, plus I was nervous about getting my camera wet.

What else....

Ben started is new job today. He is still trucking but hopefully he'll have more work, which means we'll actually have enough money to pay some bills.

A miracle has occurred in our house this week. The WATER SOFTENER has started WORKING!!!! We are not sure why, but after over a month of it NOT working it has been healed. Thank you Jesus! I hope it isn't just a fluke and its only taunting me to wash my favorite light colored clothes is hopes of crushing me. But I don't think so,  He knew how much I needed it fixed and that we didn't have the money to do so. Praise Jesus!

I think that about catches you up. I'm sure I have forgotten something to tell you but I guess it must not be that important if I can't remember it.