Friday, January 28, 2011

5 on Friday

1} Strep....yuck. Its been running through our house with amazing speed. So far 4 of the kids have gotten it. Thankfully the Dr. said she'd just call in Rx's for anyone who comes down with symptoms. So i called in today to tell her Audrey and Ethan were down with it. Really hoping the rest of us don't get it, but I guess we'll see...
2} It's actually warm in our house. HOT, to be more accurate! I haven't felt this warm all winter! And its all thanks to my Father in Law who got us a wood stove. Ben and his Brother in Law put it in this week and boy, is it toasty in here. Yesterday it was so warm we had a bunch of the windows open and had to go outside numerous times to cool off! Its going to take a while to adjust to having a warm house. The kids room was 71* last night when I put them to bed. I don't think its ever been that warm in their room in the winter since we've lived here. It usually doesn't get above 60*!
3} I can start a fire and keep it going so much better than Ben! I'm very proud of this fact. I like to rub it in too. His idea of starting a fire is to throw some gas or lighter fluid on it. I'm an old fashioned girl and actually use kindling and newspaper. I learned from the best my Mama!
4} Yesterday, Ben and I went out and cut a dead standing tree down to burn in our stove. ( he actually cut it up- wouldn't let me near his beloved chain saw) I, more accurately, picked up the pieces and loaded them in the pickup. Reminded me of when I was a kid. Man, I hated doing that work. It seemed like we spent the majority of our childhood hauling logs out of the woods. Splitting and stacking, splitting and stacking. Ah,  my sister and I would sing our heads off while we worked. Dad must have thought we were really strange. But we had to make the best out of a not so fun job. Wow, I really got away from the subject here.
5} My sister and I just booked a "gig" for the Traveling Tulips on the 10th of February. We are doing it for a Church after their monthly meeting. Anyone have any ideas on what we should base our skit?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun....

with a Wiener Mobile!
So we didn't drive around in one of those but we did dare each other to get out and have their picture taken with it.
Unfortunately no one took it on.
So I just snapped a shot through the van window.

I didn't take too many pictures because we basically were having too much fun to pose for pictures. And we shopped the almost the entire time and I didn't want to lug my camera around. I know...excuses, excuses.

Here are a few that we took at an amazing restaurant we went to for supper. It was a fancy, cozy Italian place called "Neighbors". So delicious, I want to go there again very soon!

My beautiful sisters Jessica and Christa

My Mama, sister in law Caroline and I 

My baby sister Jaclyn who is prego with her 2nd baby and her bestie  (who lives where we had our weekend) had to bring her along because she is pretty much "One of us" and because she makes us all laugh until we cry ( or pee in out pants) or both :-)

All us Chicks ( even baby G got to come with us)

i love my mama!

All prettied up and ready to hit the town again!
Can't wait until next year!

Owen's 3rd Birthday ( finally)

 So after almost 2 weeks of being very annoyed that I could upload pictures it seem to have fixed itself. Here are a few pictures of Owen with his "Race Car" cake.




Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Since I can't post any pictures....

So far this last week:

I've been tazed by an impostor FBI agent.

Been called by David Spade.

Had my van sucked into a fast moving flash flood that carried us almost to lake with huge waves.

Thankfully when that happened the van was caught on a big rock and the children and I did not perish.

I found out that my Grandma was hoarding coupons.

 She in fact had entire floor of her house dedicated to storing them in a neat fashion. I was insanely jealous.

My husband has been shooting with a teeny tiny gun in Downtown Litchfield at pheasants during a parade.

He thought he could get away with it being it was such a little gun and all.

The sheriff arrested him on the spot and he is currently serving 30-35 years for shooting inside city limits.

He never did get that pheasant.

I was freaking out and sobbing and couldn't breathe because I didn't know how I could raise 5 children alone while he was behind bars.

This all happened between the hours of 1 am and 6 am.

I lead a pretty exciting "dream life"!

No wonder I'm so tired all day...what with all this crazy stuff happening to me all night long.


I'm getting a little annoyed. Actually REALLY annoyed!!
I've been trying for days to upload some fantabulous pictures of my awesome cake decotating skills that I performed for Owen's 3 Birthday cake. And photos of him eating that amazing work of my hands. Also, I've been dying to show you all the fun I had with my beatiful Mama and sisters. But alas, for some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload them to my blog. Irritating, I know.  So I will keep attemting to get them on here. I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten to put them up- I'v been desperatly trying to show them all to you. Hopfully I will be able to do that very soon:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Three Years Ago....

....we welcomed one of the sweetest, snuggliest, loveable brown eyed boy into our lives.
Happy Birthday Owen!!!
Looking back over pictures of him of the past 3 years tears me up.

Yesterday we took the kids bowling
 to celebrate Owen's birthday since Ben has to work today.
He was so excited to go "bowin". He jumped up and down everytime he literally threw the ball down the lane. The balls took forever to make in to the pins and once it didn't make it at all- they had to run down to the end to push it down.

 The kids and I made a Birthday sign for Owen this morning and he was so happy. he had to get his picture taken next to it. He tries to "show" that he's 3 with his pingers but just can't seem to get that worked out yet.

Tonight, my parents are going to come over for cake ( a Raceway Cake) which was Owen's choice. I should proabably get going on that, or we will have a very sad little boy.

Oh, and Owen will not let us say "Happy Birthday" to him, he insists that we say "Happy Birthday Cake"! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

We are going to PA.R.TEEEEEE!!!!!!

 Its that time of year again. A girlie weekend. Its our annual Mama/ Daughter weekend. Mom treats all us girls to a weekend at a hotel for our Christmas present and we enjoy it soooo much. We look forward to it for so long and so badly that it always goes by too fast. We will get all refreshed and ready to come back to our lives again on Sunday night. So tomorrow morning at 9 am I will be loading all my kids up and taking them over to my Mother-in-law's to stay while I'm gone and heading over to my sisters house and off we will head to the big city of Mankato to party. And when I say party, I mean PARTY!!!! Although our idea of partying will probably be eating, sitting in the hot tub, eating again, shopping, eating, sleeping, laughing and eating. So pretty much we will be eating the whole time:) I'm hoping to take some great pictures of our time and can't wait to share them all with you when we get back.