Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost Something???? I got you covered!

What's that?

You can't find something?

Well, you've come to the right place.

Because, apparently I'm the only one who can find anything in this house.

Maybe you feel that way at yours?

Or maybe I just have special powers!

Yeah, that's probably it!
I knew I was good for something.

Or maybe my family doesn't have any eyeballs.

You know- the 2 balls that are stuck in the middle of your head?

They must not have any.

They are constantly saying

"MooOOoM! I can't find my money"

"MOOOOM! I can't find my book."

"MOM, I can't find my shoes!"

or if I ask them to get the ketchup out of the fridge...
"I can't find it"

so I go over there and Amazing Mom is seeing it right in front of their face!

or this..

"Honey, have you seen my black shirt?

"Hon, have you seen my hooded sweatshirt?

"Babe, do you know where those really important papers are that you never saw and I put them somewhere but don't remember?"

Sure- I know where everything is!

And if I can't find it then its apparently MY FAULT because I probably threw them away!

I will now explain to you why I believe I have super powers!

While I was jammin at the Skillet concert I thought I'd call my sweet, dear husband and tell him how much fun I was having. But he was super grumpy, so I asked him what was wrong. He said he couldn't find his Montana Hunting License. ( this was important because he was planning on leaving to go to Montana on this hunting trip as soon as I returned home from the concert) I reminded him that I had asked him if he knew where it was a week before and he had said "Yes, I know where it is" so I had left it at that. That just seemed to irk him even more. He then told me that he had torn the house apart looking for it (thanks honey, that's just what I wanted to hear, that my house was going to be a disaster when I returned from my fun!, appreciate it!) and to no avail, he couldn't find it. I told him to look in the desk. He then got upset with me again saying he already did.Then he basically accused me of throwing it away just like everything else that I apparently throw away. (I must point out to you now, that I had never even seen these important papers!) So I said, I don't really want to get into this right now, I would like to enjoy my once a year fun.
I was dreading coming home to see the bear unleashed. I walked in the door and asked if he had found it yet. He said "No.", so I started looking. Started on the top of the fridge, then looked on the counter, in the pantry, and ended up at the desk. He then said, "I already looked in the desk, you won't find it." I said "o.k. but I want to check anyways." And can you guess what I found when I opened the third drawer? Yup, that right! The license was laying right there on the top of the stack of other papers!

Now do you believe me?

Yup, I have Super Powers!!!!

{or maybe he doesn't have any eyeballs}

I'm going to go with the Super Powers, it makes me feel more important!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last week we took or attempted to take our family picture for our Christmas card. I was really excited this year because I actually have a nice camera. I was even more excited that my mom called me jsut a couple days before that and was wondering if the boys would want her antique sofa and stuffed chair to put in their fort in the attic of the garage. OF COURSE I wanted it! Not sure if I'm going to let the boys have it or not because I love it- I just don't have room for it in the house. So I got this good idea that it would be awesome to have our picture taken on it, and to bring it into town to shoot the photos in an alley. I was shocked when Ben said o.k!!! So the morning came that we would take the pictures. I got all the kids ready and tried to attempt to make myself look presentable. Ben loaded it up and off to town we went. My sister met us ther to take the pictures and the whole thing was just a mess. It was freezing (35 degrees) and windy. Audrey was acting up and Ben wanted it to be over before we got there. So before we got to try any other poses he had that thing loaded back into the pick-up and we were on our way home less than 15 minutes later. I was hoping, hoping that we would end up with at least one good one. But they all pretty much had problems. From not being focused to the kids squiming and not looking at the camera. But I did end up being able to edit one that ended up on our Christmas cards.

2. I finished ordering my Christmas cards yesterday, along with taking pictures for 2 of my sister and designing cards for them and my other sister. So happy to have them ordered. What a relief- I don't think I've had them ready this early EVER!

3.Ben is off on his hunting trip. He left us Saturday night. I really hope he gets a deer soon so he can come home early. It looks like that won't happen since they are in the middle of a snowstorm and almost got trapped up in the mountains while they were trying to hunt today. he said the roads are cloed and they will be sitting tight for the rest of the day.

4. Last night, Clint said to me "Mom, life just isn't fair." I said "I know" but I asked why he felt that way and his reply was that Daddy's never home, I wish he was. I just about teared up. Its hard on a boy when his Dad is not around for 5 out of 7 days a week and even then he's gone busy somewhere else. We really would love it if Ben could have a "normal" job that consisted of being home every night, but there's always bills to pay and he hasn't found a job that would pay as much as he does driving truck.

5. I've been feeling extra lonely lately too. Maybe it because of these days getting dark so early, or maybe because it seems like Ben is just gone so much. I think the winters are the hardest on me. In the summer we are usually staying much busier with being able to be outside and going to parks and having fun at the beach. Now we just sit at home and do school and try to stay on top of the housework. It just gets old, and I miss being able to have my husband at home at night to be able to talk to another adult or just have someone else around.

6. Christa and I rocked the "Tulip" gig! We had a blast and I really think Christa is getting so awesome at getting into charachter. I think (at least I hope) everyone thought we were funny. Although I'm sure not everyone "gets" our humor. Christa even at one point smeared her discusting Tuna/Spam/Cream of Chicken soup dip on my dress. The little brat- I smelled really bad for the rest of the time there. Gross!

7. Today I took the kids to willmar to have lunch at Pizza Ranch. I decided that since Ben is off on a vacation we should be able to have a little fun too. SO we went out for lunch and started a little Christmas Shopping. Nomaly I never start this early. I usually end up wainting til the week of Christmas and then just get everything in one shopping trip. It was so nice to make a dent in it this early though- no overcrowded stores and there were actually toys left on the shelves! I think I'm going to try to do a little bit every week until then.

8.Ever since Blake was a baby he couldn't stand anything in any shape or form of potatoes. We have tried everything to get him to eat them- from spanking to threats to trying to make potatoes taste good for him. He always end up trowing it up. I don't know if its the consistancy or waht but It really gets annoying! Tonight for supper I made Tator Tot hotdish and I was tired of trying to make something Blake would eat or make him something seperate.He wouldn't eat it. I then started to feed him myself. He just kept gagging on it. He was really trying to eat it this time. Even saying" Mmmmm, its good" trying to tell himself that it was good. But he ended up throwing up in the garbage. If anyone has any ideas about what I should do- please HELP ME!

9. The concert was AWESOME!!!! We had horrible seats( I don't think it could have been much worse) but we had a blast! Skillet ROCKED and Toby Mac was jsut amazing! I really needed that night because five minutes after I got home Ben left. So, I've only seen him for 5 minutes since he left for work on Thursday. Can you tell that I miss him? I hate these long days without him!

10. My sister in law is getting married next Friday, and I'm going to be singing. Ben won't be able to come because he works every Thursday- Monday/Tuesday and can't get out of it because he just took this whole week off. I'm really bummed that he can't go with me. So I'm going to have to get a babysitter because there is no way I'm taking 5 kids to a wedding that I'm singing in! Can you imagine that nightmare?  

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ah, Hunting season....

...never ends around here.There always seems to be something in season. But for now, it is Deer Hunting Season. Which means, lots of blaze orange clothing laying around my house, lots of mud tracked in on my entry floor from the Great Hunter, and lots of hunting stories and deer butchering going on.

Yes, we butcher our own deer. I've grown up butchering deer. I loved being able to go out the the shed and hear the stories of how they got their kill. I always wished I could be out there hunting too, but my dad wouldn't let me, saying it was for the guys. So instead of hunting I got to help butcher those dead animals. I don't think I enjoyed the actual butchering, but just being a part of the fun.

Of course I married a hunter. And he loved the fact that I butcher deer. A couple years ago, he even decided that we would butcher deer for other people. So, there I was (pregnant, of course) standing out in the freezing cold shed, butchering deer for countless hours while my back ached and fingers froze. d
I think that was when I decided it wasn't fun anymore!

On Tuesday, my sisters husband shot his first deer ever. This year was his first year hunting so when he shot that 10 pointer, we headed over there to butcher (or I should say Ben did). He was pretty excited, but I think Ben just as excited for him. 

The next day, Ben shot a 6 pointer and we piled into the vehicles and went over to his dad's farm to butcher the deer. And yes I helped this time.  I was thinking about grossing you all out by adding some pictures of Ben skinning the deer, but decided that you might not appreciate that as much as I would ;)

So tomorrow night Ben will be heading to Montana to go deer hunting out there. He is going with a friend and they will be staying at Ben's cousins home. He won't be back til next Friday or Saturday, so we will be looking for some fun things to do while he's gone have fun too. Although, I really just wish I could go on a vacation for a week! But we all know that will never happen! I really hope he gets something out there because boy is this hunting thing expensive!

In other news.....

tomorrow the long awaited event is occurring.
The Traveling Tulips will be performing at a Christmas Open House.
We are set to WOW all attendees with a Seminar that will give advise on Entertaining for the Holidays.
Guests will learn how to decorate on a budget, create a no-fuss, elegant appetizer, see the Tulip's "look" for this holiday season- modeled by a volunteer from the audience, and hear our version on "Santa Baby".
We are really looking forward to bring Mildred and Poppy out of hiding and get a laugh out of people.
If you'd like to see us perform and you live around here, please stop in at the Lake Manuella Creamery. We will be on at 10:30. Hope to see you there. I'm hoping someone will take pictures so I can show off to all of you on here how amazing we look!


Quick subject change....


I repeat!


Can you tell I'm excited?
My sister in law Danielle invited me, along with her sisters and one of their boyfriends. It is going to be so CrAzY fun!I know you're all jealous of me. I mean who wouldn't be of this old almost 30ish mom of 5 whose going to be jumping around and acting like she's 16?I know I would! HA!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A quick catch up....

Sorry, I've been very lazy when it comes to blogging lately. So I'll give you a run down on what we've been keeping busy with.

1. Ethan's 7th Birthday.
We celebrated the day by taking the kids to Space Aliens. The kids pigged out on pizza and Daddy and I pigged out on our favorite Giant Stuffed Baked Potatoes and Tortilla Soup. The kids then talked Ben into letting them spend a bunch of out money in the arcade there. ( if you know Ben it doesn't take much to do that- he's like a big kids when it comes to arcade games)
 The next day, Ethan had a couple of his cousins over for a little party and they played a bunch and ate cake.

Ethan's "dirt bike" cake. He's been planning it for almost a whole year!

2.Two Fridays ago, the kids and I headed to Mankato to spend the day with my sister and her family. We had so much fun, visiting and painting pumpkins and just spending time together. The kids love playing with their cousins everyone got along wonderfully! We were just going to stay for the day but time just got away from us and soon it was dark out and I hate driving at night. They were able to talk me into staying over. The kids were ecstatic and my sister and I had so much fun laughing til really late that night. We painted pumpkins- because with Jess- you have to do a craft!

Of course Clint has to show his team spirit with Vikings colors on his pumpkin!

My Niece, Emery, painted her pet hamster, Scoot, on hers:)

Owen thought this was the BEST thing ever!
 ( Mommy doesn't let the kids paint much, but Auntie Jessica does!)

Audrey didn't paint a pumpkin- she preferred sitting in this tub pretty much the whole time!

We had to get in on the painting too!
Ours took way longer that the kids - like 2 hours longer!
but it was so much fun!

I love this girl!

 I really wish she lived closer so we could visit and see each other more. She is one of my Bestest Friends ( all my sisters are!)If she did, maybe we would have cheaper phone bills! We talk pretty much every day but its so much more fun talking in person!

3.We decided to skip Halloween this year. Mostly because Mama was lazy and cheap and didn't feel like going to the trouble of getting everyone a costume and taking them out. We didn't have a party at Church this year so the thought of taking them out trick or treating without Ben gave be a headache and my blood pressure would spike. Instead we played games, ate tons of popcorn and candy and watched a movie. Much more fun and relaxing if you ask me!

4.The Elections!!!
The elections are BIG in this house. Daddy is passionate about our country and where its headed, so politics are the main topic around the house lately. On elections day. I worked as an election judge and Daddy stayed home with the kids all day. I worked for 14 hours. Boy, was it boring but I really actually had fun. Not only was I getting a much needed break from all the household duties and being "mommy" all the time but it was nice talk to adults and not have kids hanging and whining on me for an entire day.
Daddy took all the kids into our county's after election Republican party. I joined them after and when I saw poor little Audrey, I'm wondering if I will leave her home with all the males for a whole day ever again. She was so dirty, with boogers and food crusted all over her face. And her hair- lets just say, Daddy doesn't know how to do hair. But at least the house was still standing and the kids were still alive. And they had a fun day with Daddy!

5. Ben and I went out for supper the other night with our good friends, Travis and Sarah. We headed up to St. Cloud. And instead of going to the same place we always go- La Casita, we decided to try the new place in town. Fugi's. Its a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi. It was so much fun. The food was great and the experience was amazing. I really want to go there again soon. We sat at the Hibachi Grill and they cooked the food up right in front of us. Ben of course had to always be the brave one and try different things- he had sushi. It looked so icky. He said it was really good but I wouldn't try it- I just can't eat raw fish!

6. I almost forgot! My sister Christa and friend, Amelia, got together to make a bunch of apple pies to stock out freezers for winter. And by a bunch I mean 37!!! It was a lot of work and a long day but was so much fun being able to hang out with them and chat and drink lots of coffee!

Well, that's more than just a quick catch up. I'll try to get on here tomorrow and try to get back in the habit of writing more frequently!