Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Road again....

Ben started his new trucking job today. We just got back from bringing him to Renville to get his truck. The kids were sooo super excited to check it out. Ben is pretty excited about this new job. I'm happy he's excited because I'm just nervous. I don't handle change well. I was finally used to his schedule. Even if we didn't see eachother during the week, he at least had the same schedule all the time and I knew when and where he was going to be all the time. Now we won't know. I'm sure things will be great ( at least better than his last job), right? The first few months will probably be the worst and then things will iron out and hopefully he'll have some sort of routine. I'm really happy that he's happy and that's what counts!

On a side note ( that has nothing to do with the above).....I love KFC coleslaw!! i'm eating it right now, and I'm having a hard time stopping! Yummy :)
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  1. I pray all goes well...cute picture of him with the kids and I'm sure they were excited. :)

  2. Cute picture!! Looking forward to seeing you this week!!!!!:)