Sunday, June 13, 2010


Up until today I haven't worried.I think God has really given me a peace that He is taking care of her and will be guiding the doctors hands.People have asked me if I'm worried and I've said no, and its been the truth. I feel like God's hand has been a part of the whole picture, from when she got pneumonia and finding out she had the Hiatal Hernia. We wouldn't have known unless she had that chest x-ray. And we wouldn't have know unless our doctor sent us down to Children's because she had a strange sort of pneumonia ( which was actually pneumonia and the hernia.). I've been more worried about the drive down there and if I will be able to make my way around the Big City. But today as I layed down to try to take a nap, I started to worry. Then I counted how many days are left. 13. So now I worry.

 I worry about what's going to happen and how the surgery will go. I don't even know anything other than they are pretty sure they will be going in with a  laprisope ( I don't even know how to spell it!). We will be going down the day before to meet with the surgeons and they will explain everything then. Its probably best that way, so I'm not worrying more.

I worry about the boys while we are gone. We have the boys all scheduled for where they will be staying and who they will be staying with ( when you have more than 3 kids you have to split them up!) We are hoping Ben will be able to get off work for the day of her surgery so I don't have to be alone.

I worry about how her recovery will go. Will she have to be sedated for a long time after to keep her from damaging the incision's?

I worry about her being sedated. I don't like the thought of my little one being put under.

I worry about the doctors hands, and if they will know what to do.

I worry about a million little things. I wish she didn't even have to go through this. I wish I could do it for her. I don't want to think about her feeling pain.

I covet your prayers as we get closer to the date of her surgery. Pray that things will go smoothly and that the doctors hands will be guided by Him. Pray that we will feel continued peace. Pray that Audrey will recover quickly and that there will be no problems.Please pray that I will stop worrying. Thanks for your prayers already. I know alot of people are already praying and we CAN feel them. We really appreciate them!


  1. Joy, I do not work on the 25th or 26th. I would be more than willing to drive you guys to the cities or drive you around or anything... please let me help if you need it. My kids can go to daycare most any days and my sister is always willing to watch them too. I am not kidding, please ask me if you need a driver ;) I'm not a perfect driver, but I don't get nervous at all either! -Sarah W.

  2. hey Joy,
    I just found your blog! I didn't know you were a fellow blogger and fun! I have enjoyed reading and looking at your pics. I love the image of your daughter touching the old barn wood, very nice. We will add little audrey to our prayer list, and will be thinking of you!