Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Weekend with the Carders

This past weekend we spent some time with Ben's friends the Carders.
They are his "second" family.
As is he has stayed at their home for a couple years once a week while he was trucking.
They would pick him up every Tuesday night, bring to their home, feed him and he would sleep there and then they would bring him back to his truck the next morning.
They spoiled him.

The kids have went there with him a few times and always came home going on and on about how much fun it was at their house.

So for Memorial Weekend the whole fam went.
They spoiled all of us with delicious food, wonderful conversations, pontoon rides, and a trip to the Waterpark for the older boys.

They told me that Ben has been like a brother to them and so that makes me their sister. I felt very welcome there. 

They live on the river on a very private lot in the Cities. You would never know that you in the cities though; deer, wild turkeys, and a fox were running though their yard. So peaceful there!

Can't wait to go again sometime. { If they can handle our rowdy bunch again!}

Killian's 4 months

I'm behind on putting this up. Its seems to be a trend with me. Being behind. Oh Well, better late than never I guess. Here are Killian's Monthly Photos up to 4 months......

I'm always amazied as how quickly he can go from happy and smiling to....

sad and crying in an instant!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frogs for supper.....

Half of my family is not here.
Half is off on the wild prairie slaying prairie dogs, butchering frogs{and eating them~yucko!}, being men.

They are probably doing things that I 'd rather not know about but I'm sure they will tell me when they get home.
The Annual "Prairie Dog Hunt" is underway and I'm left with the 3 littles.
Burger King, Library, Walmart, Doughnuts, Chocolate Milk, Iced Coffee, know,the important things:)

I had big plans of taking Audrey's 3 yr pictures but it is a windy one today and there is dust flying everywhere, so hopefully tomorrow I can make it happen. Its is so windy out that on my way to town I came across a house or half of a house I should say, laying across the highway!

 They really should have thought twice about hauling a house on a day with the wind advisories being what they are!

In other news, we have been loving having the Man of the House around the house again every night. He is enjoying his new job and is putting as many hours as he can since its a pay by the hour job. I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful provider as my husband.

There is some other stuff in the works around our place lately and I would love it if you could keep us in your prayers as we seek God's guidance and direction on what we should do. Lets just say that it would be making me one happy lady if it actually happens. Being that I'm praying that this is what the Lord wants for us and not just what I want. I'm trying not to be blinded by my own desires. Its so easy to do that!

I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite photos of the week.

This picture is totally out of focus but I love how happy they look to be having a picnic:) 

Killian's first time on the grass- he loved it....for about 30 seconds:)

I love this boy's smiles

Love them barefoot

and running through the grass,

just being buddies:)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Year End Musical

We are all finished with our homeschool co-op for the year. The kids have been working hard on their musical and we very excited for me to see it. Grandma Kay and a couple of the uncles came with us to watch the performance. The kids did wonderful, and I always get a little teary-eyed seeing them up there.
The Musical was "The Tale of Three Trees" and they we dressed to look a part of the forest.

 As much as we love our co-op we are excited to be done for the year because that means summer is just around the corner.

Orange, White, and Gray.....

I was starting to notice that one of our cats {Orangy} was starting to get very fat. A week later, I saw him again but he was very skinny again?  Could {he} have been pregnant? We thought he was a he. Turns out Orangy wasn't a he at all!
Clint was outside when he spotted near the barn Orangy carrying a little orange kitten. He came in the house carrying the little thing. We went outside to bring the kitten back to the mother and heard some mewing from the garage. Turns out Orangy was moving her kitten from the barn to next to the refrigerator in the garage.

We found a box and made a nice bed for the new family.

 The kids are super excited and hopefully all the kittens will live. They keep begging to hold the new babies. I hope the mama doesn't decide they are all pests and move them again where we cant find them this time:)