Friday, January 29, 2010

Of Pigtails and Pizza

So I kinda got lazy and didn't put the pictures of Audrey in pigtails up last night. Decided to sit on my big rear end and watch Criminal Minds instead and shouldn't have because I couldn't sleep because of it. Anyways here they are- isn't she the cutest?? I admit that I am a bit parcial but I do think she is the prettiest girl in the world!

Today we went on the funnest field trip yet to Jimmy's Pizza with our Homeschool Group. The kids were able to learn how they take orders and make the pizza. They even got to make their very own pizza. They weren't very creative though. Clint and Blake had Pepperoni and Ethan made his with pepperoni arount the outer edge and put a big pile of black olives right in the middle. It smelled so good but tey didn't want to share with mom but Blake did give me a couple of his pepperoni :) They were very excited about getting to get their own pop too. Clint had Sierra Mist, Blake had Root Beer and Ethan mixed Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi together- yuck- he's my little daredevil- always gotta be a little different :)

Waiting for teir turn in the kitchen!

Pizza Makin' Time :)

Watching for their pizza to get done.

After Jimmy's we headed to the grocery store for a few things and then went to Goodwill and see if we could find any treasures. The kids each found a set of legos for 1.99 each (all the pieces were there too! Clint's hadn't ever been open yet) They were soooo excited. I found a couple board books for the littler kids and a baby einstein dvd for Audrey. Excited about that one- only 4.99 and it was brand new still in its original wrapping. We picked up Owen and Audrey who stayed at Grandma Jodi's while we had our fun. We stayed and visited for a bit because Audrey was napping and I do not like waking her when she's sleeping since she doesn't do it very often. She probably slept for 2 hours- shocker- Don't know when she's ever done that for a nap. Guess it was pretty quiet over there and she could actually sleep without all the noise like at our house!

 I'm pretty excited about tonight. There is a shower at the local tea shoppe ( one of my fav places to go! ) for my friend and her new little girlie! Its going to be so much fun to be with all my favorite women! I'm sure we will have lots of laughs and lots of oohing and ahhing over her sweet little girl. I love it when I get a chance to hang out with all my besties :)

P.S Ethan lost his 1st tooth today! He is pretty excited to see what the toothfairy brings him ;)


  1. Audrey is adorable in Pigtails! Can't believe how big she is getting! Sounds like fun making pizza's, that's pretty neat that u were able to go in there and do that! I love shopping for treasures at Goodwill too!

  2. I love her pigtails!! She was so cute last night. Your boys are so funny and I love the Blake story in Target! They make life so interesting. You are very blessed!