Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1) GOATS- i hate them. They stink. They are weird looking. Maybe I feel such disdain for them since my sisters and I were forced to milk them growing up. Plus drank the milk- DISCUSTING! If you've ever wondered how goat milk tastes- it tastes exactly the way the goat smells! I promised myself when I was younger that I would never make my kids milk goats! I hope I dont go back on that promise! I have been thinking lately that I need to get some animals for the kids to have some chores. ( I think that is very important) I wouldn't mind getting some pigs. Yes, pigs stink too but they arent quite as annoying as a goat!

2) GROCERIES!!! I don't know about anyone else but haven't groceries gotten horribly expensive. Maybe I didn't realize until lately because my kids have become bottomless pits. I could easily spend $150 a week just on food. I am scared what I'll be spending when they are teenagers! Ben said thats why he's teaching them to hunt- so they can live on wild meat and potatoes.

3) GIRL KISSERS- this is Ben's favorite way to annoy the boys. Anytime he wants to get them going he ust has to whisper these words to the boys and they go absolutly nuts! The hands start slapping and feet start kicking. Its turned into the favorite thing amongest themselves to say when they are mad at eachother.

One more thing I just have to tell. Quite an embarressing one at that! Last Thursday after our Homeschool Co-op we went to Target to get a few things. I really should have known better than to take five tired cranky kids into a store by myself, but I think I must love to torture myself in some wierd way! Anyways, we were wandering around looking at things, trying to remember what I was doing there since I forgot to make a list and I tend to forget everything I'm supposed to be doing when I walk into a store. I bumped into my sister- in-law in there with her kids who were being nice, sweet children ( Yes, Danielle, your kids were being good at least when we were visiting  ; ) ) Out of the blue- Blake shouts " I gotta POOP!!! " Quickly I try to tell him he's going to have to wait. He says loudly again "I gotta Poop bad! " so I say goodbye to Danielle and hurry towards the bathroom with five children surrounding me, all the while Blake keeps saying a little loudly for my taste that he really has to POOOOP" I try to tell him to stop saying it out loud and yes we are almost there. Get to the bathroom and wonder what should I do?? Take all five kids into the bathroom? It'll take to long to get Audrey and Blake out of the cart and the way Blakes acting he's going to have an accident reall soon. So I send Ethan and Blake into the Mens bathroom to do what needs to be done. We sat and waited outside for what seemed like a long time, finally Ethan comes out. I ask him what's taking Blake so long?? He says he's still going (yuck! ) I go over and crack the door open, an employee from Target walks out as I shout in there "Blake- what's taking so long" He yells........" I'M NAKED!!!!!!!!!" I think that employee felt sorry for me- he said he'd wait at the door and keep anyone from going in so I could go in and help my child. I hurry in and thankfully he wasn't naked but unfortunatly it would have been better if he had. His hands and shirt were covered in the poo.  I had to really try not to vomit as I cleaned him up. Why oh why don't I listen to myself when I tell myself over and over that I'm never taking kids with me into a store again. I must have some sort of memory loss that I forget that many horrible things happen when I take the kids out.


  1. I'M NAKED!!! you can't even imagine how hard this made me laugh tonight... HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Blake is too funny!!! I know what you mean - I hate trying to take kids to the bathroom in a store! (And by the way, you didn't hear Jackson screaming bloody murder when we walked in because I wouldn't carry him the last five steps into the store!)