Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blake is 5!!!!!!!!!!

 Happy Birthday to my little man Blake! He is 5 today and very excited about that! It seems like e as been waiting  forever for this day to come! We aren't doing much to celebrate today because the stomache flu bug is running its course through our house right now. Thankfully we were able to go bowling and out for pizza earlier this week when Ben was home to celebrate.
The kids had a blast (I did too) All the boys bowled including Ben and Owen. They used the bumpers and I was amazed how slow some of those balls rolled down the alley. One even ended up hiting the end and rolled back to us. Very strange- never had that happen to us before :)

 Last night Blake ended up throwing up a couple times and I was hoping he would feel better today. Thankfully he seems to be back to his normal crazy self. ( I admit it would have been nice if he had been feeling lazy ) But I decided that since Ethan hasn't gotten it yet and we are probably still carrying those germs around that we would try to stay away from people for a couple more days. We did run into Litch to get a movie and went through the drive- thru at McD's for Happy Meals. And I ran into Dollar Tree for a balloon and lollipops for the kids.  We are goign to have a football cake later ( I still have to make it - hopfully it turns out! ).
 I am missing Clint. He went with Ben to work yesterday. He had been throwing up in the morning and was so sad that he wasn't going to get to go with Daddy like he'd been planning for a week. Ben wasn't going to take him since he was sick but I guess Clint's tears got to him and he went along. He was sicka couple times on the way but is feeling better now. I just hope Ben doesn't get it now.

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