Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oyster's 2nd Birthday

So today my little man turned 2! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! It literally feels like it was just yesterday......I remember the thrill of holding him in my arms for the first time, how little and precious he was. That new baby smell! I remember how exctied we were to have another baby in the house- it had been the longest stretch between Blake who was just about 3 and him that we'd had since we started our family! I think with him I just wanted to keep him a baby as long as possible since I knew how fast they grow up. I just wanted to cherish every moment. 
 I remember how scary it was when I was in labor with him- how my blood pressure dropped so suddenly and they was no response from him in the longest 4 minutes of my life. I remember them giving me oxygn and the look on Ben's face across the room with tears in his eyes. They were getting ready to take me to have a C-section but finally getting a response from him and then them just getting him out as fast as they could with a vacumn. I was never so happy to have him safe and in my arms. I am always amazed how fast you have your heart filled with such an all encompassing love when each child is born. We are so blessed to have Owen as our son- Thanks to God for the blessing of children!

This morning we started of with pancakes with a candle for Owen in his. He usually LOVES pancakes but for wome reason today he wouldn't even eat one bite. I think the candle may have scared him a bit.

 I really didn't have any other plans today except making some cupcakes since we are having our parents over this Saturday for supper and a little party. My sister called me and gave  the idea to out for pizza with her and her kids. So we decided to do that but then I thought it would be more fun with some of Owen's friends and their families. We ended up with 24 people at Pizza Hut! The kids had a blast and mine were VERY loud, I really shouldn't have got them pop! We had some pizza and cupcakes. It was fun that it turned into a bigger thing than I planned( or didn't plan) on:)


  1. What fun! Happy Birthday to your little guy! Great fun pictures. :)

  2. cute pictures!Owen is so sweet!He had so much fun!

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday Owen! You look like you had a Great Birthday! BTW Joy, you look great in the pictures!