Tuesday, January 5, 2010


O.k, O.k....I've been avoiding my blog for a couple weeks now- this alphabet thing is more challenging than I thought it would be! We had a wonderful Christmas! I was pretty stressed out the last week (even though i was trying NOT to be) I am always waiting until the last minute to anything- I am a procrastinator my nature- so of course I waited until the last 2 days before Christmas to start wrapping presents and making the boys their Vikings fleece tie blankets ( by the way- they LOVED them)

Ethan showing off his Vikings blanket
 Ben didn't get home until late evening Christmas Eve because of the weather but I was very happy that he MADE it home at all- The roads were horrible in Wisconsin on his way back to MN. We spent Christmas Day at my parents with the WHOLE huge family! I love it there! Its so much fun when we all get to be together. And you can count on it being very LOUD! It just wouldn't be the same without all that noise.
We went to Ben's parents the day after, and Wow, what a difference in noise level! There are even more people in his family and it was SOOO quiet! I still haven't figured out if my side is abnormally noisy or if his family is abnormally quiet. Either way- I love the noise :)

hanging with Melina and Zander

daddy with his babies

Yeah, you're probably noticing that my topics are NOT starting with "E's ". ( did you notice how I enlarged the words that do start with E??? Yes, I'm lazy...

Owen is going to be 2 in nine days! I really don't want that kid to grow up- he is such a funny, cuddley, sweet boy. I'm scared that when he turns 2 his personality will change into a strong-willed guy. I have been trying to decide if I will have a party for him or not- leaning towards the NOT! We usually just do a big party for the kids when they turn 1. I just get too stressed out to have both of our large families over to our very tiny house. I really wish all my kids would have been born in the summer- we would probably have more parties if that was the case. He is really starting to talk- FINALLY-. His favorite words are- meow, dad, mom,what,peas(please),Bake(Blake),hi,gus(guys),bus(boys) kiss,and his absolute favoite is "Ewwww". I really shouldn't write this but this morning while I was showering he somehow snuck in the bathroom and opened the shower curtin, looked and me and said....."EWWwwww" It was so funny- I just starting laughing which just made him say it more- thanks little man!

It was back to the diet yesterday- haven't stepped on the scale yet since I took a week and a half off. Kinda scared to- I'll probably wait til the end of the week and hopefull be where I was before I went on the break.
But before the break I had lost 17 lbs. doing pretty good so far :-)

Audrey's 1st Christmas

Clint got a Jared Allen picture!!

Audrey's 1st doll

Ethan and Carter

Clint eating Monkey break
(one of our traditions on Christmas mornings)


Audrey' fell asleep while we we having breakfast.
Opening presents can be alot of work :)

Clint and Daddy reading the Christmas Story

Grandma Kay and Mommy with Audrey

Uncle Isaac with Audrey ( he doesn't look too happy about this, does he??)

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  1. I think noisey is much more fun! I LOVE the vikings blanket you made. I really should learn how to do that but I did not get the crafty creative genes in the family...I think my mom must have been drained of them by the time she got to having me. :) Oh well. Your Christmas sounds wonderful. And love the pictures! Glad Ben made it home safely! XX