Thursday, January 28, 2010

On The Move!

Audrey has become quite the little crawler! I'll put her on the living room floor and go in the kitchen, turn around and she is trying to follow me as fast as her little ands and knees will take her! Its so funny and adorable.  We have had to become very diligent on keeping little tings off the floor. She is constantly putting things in her mouth. Mostly legos, corn and pellets from our corn burner. The boys have become very good about getting things out of her mouth.  I think her favorite thing to do now since she can get where she wants to go is following Owen around and messing with his trains. Boy, does that irritate him, it hilarious. He gets really mad and yells "No,No,No! My,my,my!!!" Its funny how he just learned those words since Audrey as been going after his stuff.
 Yesterday Owen said the sweetest thing. I had just brought Audrey down from her bed in te morning when Owen looks up at her and says "Audee,Audee, Audee, I wove oo"I just about melted right there:) He as also been really into humming and singing lately. His brothers ave taught him to sing "We will, we will rock you" and he has been humming the theme song from Indiana Jones all morning! (I thing te boys have been playing the Lego Indiana Jones game a little too much if that song is rubbing off on him- haha)

I'm soooo excited! I was able to put pigtails in Audrey's hair today- it is the cutest thing EVER! I have always wanted to have a little girl to put pigtails in, now I finally can :) I'll put a picture up later to show you all how adorable she is with them in.

I am so sick of this winter cold! I am sick of having to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts to bed because we don't ave heat upstairs in te bedrooms. And I'm so tired of dealing with our retarded Corn Burner!!! Last night before bed I dumped in a 5 gallon bucket of corn and thought that would be enough until morning but unfortunatly for me it wasn't and was out when we woke up tis morning. So after struggling to get that dumb thing started for almost 4 hours the house is starting to warm up. I wish I could just go through my day and not have to think about trying to keep that thing going. Yes, it has saved us alot of money this winter already but it is suc a headache.

Wow, I have been just rambling on about random things. Guess I just needed to get those things out of my head so I have room for other things.Gets pretty full sometimes- just not with anything worthwhile! Haha :)

By te way- you might ave noticed throught tis post that alot of words are missing the letter "H". Its because for some reason that key is not always working when I hit it. So I have went through most and found where tey are and fixed them but I probably missed alot of them and don't feel like going through te whole thing to fix the rest.

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  1. Good Job on the crawling Audrey! I can't wait to see pictures of you in Pigtails! Kenlie will probably be 3 before her hair is long enough for them! Ur a brave woman taking the kids to the store, maybe it was a good thing you did or Blake might have had to go while you were in the car :) That probably wouldn't have been much fun either! The joys of being a mother! Funny about the letter "H", cuz I had been using my dad's laptop and his H wouldn't always register either!