Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confessions From a Guilty Mama!

Can you believe it??? 2 posts in one day??
I really jsut need to confess something.....something that I normally wouldn't confess. Except now I'm trying to change this so I need to be kept accountable somehow. I allow my kids to watch TOO MUCH t.v. And some of you might be thinking that you do yourselves but probably not as much as mine do. I've realized that most of the day the television is on. They aren't even watching it most of the time (well, Clint maybe is- he's my t.v bug!!) . I don't know why I feel the need to add to the noise that is surround me at all times?? I'm not sure. I get so stressed sometime from their wildness and rough housing that I am telling them all the time to just go watch something.It doesn't help it just gets louder. Then to top it off Ben bought a XBOX 360 last weekend. I can hardly get the kids to do anything else. So this morning I decided to change all this. I made tickets that the kids will get in the morning for screen time. They get 3- 30 minute vouchers a day. (you all are probably thinking that this is WAY TOO much but beleive me this is way less than they usually use!) *really embarressed*  The kids thought this was really fun! Clint of course used his up right away. (they have to wait til after school to use them). Ethan and Blake each used 2. I'm hoping this helps.

Phew....glad I got that off my chest.....confessions is good for the soul. I'll have to this more often.


  1. Oh Joy your so funny. With it being so cold outside it's hard not to give in to the tv bug. :)

    When my kids were growing up we used poker chips as our tv/video/computor tickets. I was a mean mom and made my kids earn their tickets each day...doing chores without complaining,keeping their rooms somewhat clean, reading for a certain length of time, getting school work done, doing good on a spelling test, doing extra chores without my asking, the older ones for helping with the younger ones....being extra good at listening or being extra good at sharing and me catching them doing so, warrented an extra chip. :)...doing a physical activity like riding bike, shooting baskets, playing ball or anything physical for that matter....if I caught them doing an act of kindness like shoveling for the neighbor without being asked could earn a ticket. On the flip side, if they were "naughty", like talking back, if I had to remind them to put their clothes away or to do their chores, if they were sloppy in doing their jobs, if they lied or something like that, if they complained about the food we were eating...ect...they would get a ticket/chip taken away. I think you get the picture! :) And the thing is it worked marvelously. Good luck!

  2. I'm actually jealous that your kids will watch TV. Somedays I'd give anything for Hadley and Ollie to just sit there for a half hour and not get into things. TV can be a great stress reliever for the mamas!! Since the kids will not watch, I'd just assume have no TV but Travis won't go for that :) Love your updates!