Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Fridays : I have a love/hate relationship with fridays! I hate it because it is usually the longest day of the week- the kids are crabby, I'm crabby. I usually have a couple breakdowns every Friday because I just can't take anymore and desperatly need a Mommy break! Poor Ben usually has a pysco wife those days- calling him repeatedly and asking if he will just hurry up and get home NOW! He really can't hurry across Wisconsin fast enough for me! I love fridays because it means we have finished the week of school and can enjoy the weekend. I love it when Ben gets home on Friday nights, the kids LOVE it too! They get so excited when he comes home they usually attack him as soon as he walks in the door.

five: I can't believe I have 5 kids! I remember wanting to have at least 6 kids when we first got married! I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING!!! 5 is my perfect number! I love how each child is completely different from each other! You would think that with having five kids they would look alot alike but really they each look so defferent from eachother. Their personalities are so different too- life would be so boring if they weren't:)
Many times a day I feel overwhelemed with all these kids and then there will be a few times when I have to count to make sure they are all here because they a being so quiet and I think- hey I could handle a few more....but then it gets crazy again and I wake up from that little dream!

finger: the pinky finger to be exact! I think I may have broken or at least sprained my little finger. It has been over a week and it still is in alot of pain. It really hurts to grasp anything with my right hand. A little embarressing how it happened-( things like this usually are) I stupidly decided to jump onto Ben when he was laying on the couch. While I was flying through the air Ben moved quickly out of the way and my hand dove in between the couch and the cushions and my finger struck the wood beam that is under the cushions. OUCH! Yes, I can be very stupid at times and this was one of those!

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  1. Oh Joy I love your "F" words. :) I remember saying those words "I can't believe I have 5 kids." too and trying to keep track of everyone could be a chore. :) And here I am with 2 more...but I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope your finger feels better and that today goes fast so that your honey is home! XX