Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To my 1 Year Old for the last time.....

Dear Little Oyster,
 You are the sweetest, silliest, cutest  little 1 yr old we know. We love the way you talk- how you say " HI" with the sweetest most innocent face when you did something naughty and are hoping your cuteness  and big brown eyes will keep you from getting in trouble. How you give your little sister the sweetest little kisses complete with smacking lips! How you love cuddling with your big brother Clint- you 2 are the best buddies! How you love to play with Ethan and fight with Blake. How you get so excited when Daddy comes home from work that you run up and give him the biggest hug possible. The way you love to cuddle in the morning with Mommy in bed watching Milo and Otis!How your favorite thing in the world is puppies but somehow you think they say "meow"! We love you, our little Oyster, our soon to be 2yr old. I wish I could stop time and keep you this innocent and sweet. I wish I could keep you my baby and cuddle you forever. Since I can't, I will treasure each new moment with you as if I will lose it at any second. You are my boy, my sweet little man. I love you Owie!

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