Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Reality!!

Ahhhhhh......... it felt so absolutely wonderful to have the much needed and antisipated weekend with my sisters and mom. There were 6 women and 2 babies crammed into one woom with a king size bed and a pull out couch. We also had a rollaway brought in too. ( we really should have had 2 room- but we all like being together!) i really felt sorry for my sister who had to sleep in the middle of the bed with myself and my youngest sister because we both had babies that kept waking up so she was constantly being woken up by us getting out of the bed to take care of them. She is so sweet though and would never say it bothered her. We relaxed in the hot tub and did our nails. Ate pizza and did some shopping. And laughed... alot!

I love being with my sisters and mom. I can't imagine what it would be like to not have sisters. I think about that alot when I realize that Audrey probably won't have any : ( I'm wondering if that is selfish of me... but then again I decide another baby would be a girl)

Its so funny... anytime you are with a bunch of mom and your all without your kids. And as much as you try to NOT talk about your kids, it is usually the main topic. I guess its hard to talk about something else when your lives revole around being a mom.

I had a great time but then you always end up having to go back to reality! It hits you hard! Walking in the door, you're hit with crushed popcorn smashed into every corner of the house. Toys strewn everywhere, dirty clothes in weird places. Dishes stacked high in the sink, big wet milk stains on the couch that you didn't notice until you got up from siting on it and your butts all wet. But you realize that you love all this despite the mess when the kids run up to you to give you a big kiss and hug and say they missed you. When they are so excited to show you the ice fishing rod they won at the Wild Game Feed they went to with Dad when you were gone. Just hearing them yell "Mommy's home" feels so good. You realize that, yes, you could start getting really upset that couple things that you asked your husband to make sure to get done, didn't get done; irritated that the kids are wearing really weird clothes that don't go together or that the socks that your almost 2 yr old are wearing are actually socks that are made to fit a newborn; it doesn't matter, DOESN'T MATTER. They are sll still alive and they had the BEST time with daddy. They got to spend time with their hero and the coolest guy they know! This time that they spent with Daddy was probably more important than Mommy's need for a relaxing weekend. So, even that though I will be spending the week finding popcorn crumbled and smached into the carpet around the house- this was a great weekend for everyone involved!


  1. Good for you! Glad you all had fun! :)

  2. So fun, I want girl time with my mom and sisters!

  3. We sure know how to have fun, don't we?!

  4. it was fun wasn't it!