Wednesday, December 16, 2009


1. Decorating :)  The kids just finished decorating Christmas cookies. It was Owen's first time and he thought it was awesome! He mostly just ate the frosting and sprinkles and with mommy's help managed to get some on the cookies. The kids really enjoy getting to decorate their own plate of cookies that are only theirs. I started doing this because I'm a little picky when it comes to decorating cookies that others might eat, I mean who wants to eat cookies that have had the knife licked off each time it was dipped in the frosting? Not Me!! So they each get one of each shape to have for themselves. I try to get them to agree to only eat one a day but that never works- they've already eaten 2 each!

More on decorating..... Ben has been decorating MY kitchen! Grrrrr! This really irrates me! It started this past summer when I found a cute little scale at a garage sale for a $1. I thought it would be cute above my cabinets. As most people know, Ben is a crazy collector.( He has collected so many thing starting with rocks and pens when he was little all the way to coins and guns as an adult!) Well, he has always wanted me to collect something! He even gave me one of those little souviner spoons once from a truck stop in Michigan hoping I would collect those- sorry NO WAY!!!  So when he saw the scale he must have thought " finally something I can get Joy to collect". He started bidding on some on ebay and has gotten me 2 more since then. Now he's been decorating the tops of my cabinets with scales and kerosine lanterns (his new collecting object!!). I would hav been fine with that but then he went further and started pulling weird, ugly things out of my pantry( that I should have tossed a long time ago) and started putting them up. I should have know Ben was a little weird when he told me he made a lap quilt for the fair and won a ribbon for it!  Don't worry, he's not ashamed about that piece of knowledge- he is very proud of it. but what can ya do- I love that guy even when he's stepping in my territory! Wow I went a little deep their for the letter D! Guess there will only be 1 subject for todays Letter!

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  1. I love your idea about having each one of them decorating their own cookies. Nice try in thinking they would only eat one a day. Are you kidding? :) Mine ate 3 right away and then another couple after that. :) Oh will not kill them because I know we eat healthy most of the time. :) At least we try to.

    I think that is sweet of Ben to collect things for you. I would have said the same thing about spoons though...never understood the desire to collect those but to each their own. :)