Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Proud!

Last evening was our Homeschool Co-op's Year End Celebration. The kids have been working so hard for the last couple months on the musical "Down By The Creek bank". I have to say I was so proud of them while I watched them preform last night! I was having a hard time not tearing up. They did such a good job remembering all their songs and actions.

{ can you pick my kids out in the crowd? }

I hadn't noticed how much our Co-op group has grown until last night when they were all together up in front! It has almost doubled since last year and there are close to 100 kids now involved- not including the Play Group that wasn't part of the production last night.It has been so wonderful to get to know all these other homeschool families and to know how popular homeschooling is becoming. I love it that my kids are able to be a part of a group like this!

It was so much fun to be able to have our families come to see what our kids have been up to. My parents and younger brothers came and so did Ben's grandparents.
"Ain't Gonna let the Mountains Praise The Lord!"

{ Ethan and Blake sitting on the sidelines waiting for their turn}

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