Friday, May 14, 2010

We are Officially Cloth Diapering!!!

We've started.
Audrey has been in cloth for 24 hours now! I've been doing occasionally the last couple weeks but now I have 6 diapers and I can make it through the day. I'm pretty exited about it- Audrey is too :) We have 6 more coming within the next week or so that I've ordered but 6 can get us by until then. 

I love the cloth diaper butt look!!! Its just so darn cute- her with a big booty ;) We have 4 white diaps and I just got 2 light blue with monkeys on them yesterday. Those are the cutest yet. The ones that are coming are really girly and I can't wait to get 'em on her!!

{Isn't her butt just so flipping cute in these?}

I guess the true test will be though- when she poos! I'm getting a little worried because she usually doesn't go this long without one- it bound to be a massive explosion!

I have all the diapers that she's not wearing on the line outside. They are so cute flapping in the wind.

{and can you see the blue sky in the background??? We haven't seen that in weeks! ( well maybe not that long) but it sure is nice to see!!}


  1. Love those diapers on the line!!! I hope it goes really well for you! :)

  2. We have those same ones and I love them. Good luck! -Sarah W.

  3. im on a cloth diaper break for the month. laundry has overwhelmed me for the time being. but yes! super cute baby toosh!!