Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Confessions of a Terrible Toothfairy}

It's not my intention to be a bad tooth fairy.
I just can't seem to help it.
I think it started out with my very first tooth assignment.
I kept reminding myself to go remember to extract the tooth after the child had fallen asleep.
But for some strange reason it never fails that I will forget.
Until the morning when the sad child awakes to find that the tooth is still in the same place and no money was left.
The parents have to cover for me saying..
" the tooth fairy doesn't work weekends" or " there was a big snowstorm and she couldn't make it"
or "there were too many other kids that lost there tooth last night"
The sad thing is I sometimes forget for days in a row!
The mom in the house that I pick up the teeth from is very smart and doesn't miss a beat.....once her son some how dropped the tiny little tooth on the floor and though she looked far and wide for the missing ivory, it was not to be found. But she, quick as a wink remembered where her baby teeth were ( you see, the tooth fairy she had when her baby teeth were falling out would put them in a tea pot in her mother's china cupboard and for some strange reason she had kept them all this time) she quickly found a tooth that looked similar to the one the little boy had lost and declared that she had found it! The tears of the little boy turned to smiles. And though the boy said " the tooth looks a little different" ( because it looked a little old and was discolored) the mom said " its just a little dirty because it fell behind the stove". The little child never knew the difference and I collected the little tooth even though it was old and had already been collected once before because I felt the child deserved it after all the disappointment I have caused in this house.

The six year old in this house woke this morning sad because the tooth he had lost was still under his pillow. I am going to try with all my might to not forget tonight.
I'm thinking a new line of work might be in my future, because even though I do always get the tooth ( eventually! ) I feel bad for treating these little kids so horribly!

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  1. We must have the same tooth fairy working here. They must be on the same shift!:)