Friday, April 30, 2010

Diapers & Trees

So I have to say that I bought a couple cloth diapers. Only 2. So far. I want to use them on Audrey. I need more though since 2 won't get me through the day. I am not doing it for the "environment"(although it is disgusting to think of all those disposables I've put into the landfills) I'm hoping to do it for $$$ savings. I will only buy them if they are on sale or maybe even slightly used because they can be a bit spendy- around $20 or more for new. A couple of my friends have been using them and they seem to really like them. I've only used the 2 on her so far and they seemed really nice and comfortable to her. I'm really excited about getting more so I can do it full time.Ii just wish I would have started with my first instead of my 5th! I would have saved so much more $$!

 I'm probably not going to use them on Owen because I'm hoping he will be potty trained soon. Yesterday I decided that we would try to start on this. He is deathly afraid of the toilet. I've tried to put him on it a few times before and he screams and cries until I take him off. This time was no different. I even had the little potty seat on that goes on top of the regular one so he wouldn't feel like he was falling in. He wouldn't even let his little buns touch the seat! So I got out the little potty chair thinking this would be less scary. He was just as scared! I figured that if I just put him in some underwear he would get it and feel icky if he went. I brought the potty chair downstairs to the entry to use as a substitute bathroom. i went outside for a minute and came back and he was sitting in a chair with his underwear filled with poo and it was like he didn't even care or realize what he'd done. I guess he's not ready yet. I'll have to let him run around outside this summer in the nude in order for him to understand the whole process. You'd think that since he has 3 older brothers he'd learn early.I'm thinking that since we only have one bathroom and he's not up there very much this is contributing to the fear and not knowing what to do factor.

We were up to the cabin last weekend. Ben was able to get about 13 trees cut down for his future Gun Shop. The boys and I were able to hike out to where they were cutting and took some pictures.
.holding hands on our hike.

.a cute little wild flower that was trying to peek out of the dead ground.
.climbing a dear stand.
somehow Blake thinks you have to wear blaze orange anytime you're in the woods whether its hunting season or not
.the kids always love riding in the pick-up with Dad.
(don't worry they aren't on the road- in the wood pulling the trees out)
.pulling the logs out from the woods.
.another pretty little flower.
.The Lumberjacks.
Ben, Jordan, Chris

.Owen wouldn't get out of the pick-up.
.goofy face.
.I love this picture.
They really needed Ethan's muscles to get the job done!

.a few of the logs.
.if you look really close,Ben had just cut it and they were pushing it over.
We couldn't get too close- those trees were so tall, I was a bit scared it would tip my way!
.I didn't take many pictures on this trip up north but had to put one of Audrey so you would know she was there with us.
.The kids mostly played Lego's and games, and they played "war" outside.
(my little "baby" brother went with us- he's the one in red)


  1. That's awesome you're switcing to cloth! I obviously haven't started yet, but I never buy a cover for over $8. Look on, lots of people had make them and you can find sales!

  2. How fun! I think i'll try cloth diapers next time I have a child... and as for potty training.. Aidyn was completely trained, but now that we moved back to MN, he could care les.. LET ME TELL YOU.. IT SUCKS!