Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Play Ball!!!!

Today we went to watch my younger brother Isaac's Baseball game. My mom and my 2 other little brothers came too. It was very windy out there but we  I had a good time watching his team win! The boys ended up not watching the game real close because they decided it would be more fun playing football in the grassy area next to the baseball diamond :) 

{He wouldn't look at me, I think he was embarrassed that his big sister was there!}

{ She is "one, hot mama" !}

{munching on a cracker}

{while the real game was going on, they had their own game going}
{ ouch }
{ huddle }

{ taking him down }
{ look at that face! }

{ this team...}
{....against this team }
I'm not sure who won this game but they sure do have fun together! Its so fun to have little brothers that are so close together in age to my kids.They love their Uncles! They are pretty close buds!

{would you look at those eyes- they kill me just about every time they look at me! }
{ killer lashes }
{ what's with that face? }
{ want to kiss those lips (even when they are this dirty) }

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