Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten On Tuesday...

A couple of my friends do "Ten On Tuesday" and it seemed like fun, thought I'd try it!

1) We made "heart" cut-outs today. Thought I'd better since Ben brought home from work last week 6 lbs  of red and white valentine sprinkes. We only got them baked today. We'll decorate tomorrow unless I get ambitious and do them myself tonight. I'd rather do them myself- less mess but the kids like to do it too so we'll see.
2) I am spending way too much time surfing other peoples blogs lately. One I found today that looks really inspiring is  http://iammommy.typepad.com/i_am_baker/  . I really want to try some of her recipes. They look so yummy!
3) We are without our main heat as of last night around 6 pm. I tried my hardest to get that stupid corn burner to keep lit, staying up til 1 am to see if it would go, but alas it was not to be. Using the 1 baseboard heater in the living room and the oven to keep us warm. A friend came over today to help me out with it but turns out it was a bigger probalem that needs a part that takes a couple days to get. So for the next few days we'll be wearing lots of layers and our slippers.
4) After bath tonight we I was triming everyones toenails that had gotten extremely long. ( I think I don't realize they are getting so long because they are constantly in socks around the house -how I long for summer and bare feet!) Anyways it was Blake's turn and this is how it went :
Blake: "WOW! They are really long! "
Me : "I know- sorry"
Blake: " Can I keep them?" as he was looking at the cuttings
Me : "What? NO!"
Blake: "pleeeeaaaase??"
Me : "Why would you want them?"
Blake : "For a collection."
 No I didnt let him keep them.
5) The kids are really loving the song "Monster" by Skillet. They have been playing it on repeat all night. I'm getting really sick of it.
6) The toothfairy around our house has TONS of stipulations about when she can come. She doesn't work weekends. She doesn't come on the night of the day you lost your tooth. She won't come in your room if you are sick. And sometimes she just is too busy collecting other kids' teeth. How about at your house? Does your toothfairy have issues?
7) Owen has been wearing his winter  boots for almost 3 days straight! He screams when I take them off to put him down for his nap. He doesn't care if they are on the wrong feet or if he doesn't have socks on or pants either. He  just loves wearing his "boot." .
8) I'm running out of things  here but I've been meaning to write this on here but keep forgetting- Audrey has 2 teeth now. She got them about 2 weeks ago ( I think- man- I really wixh I would have written this down! ). Ane Ethan has lost his first 2 teeth in the last 2 weeks. Weird.
9)I was getting really sick of buying  baby food and decied to start making my own. THe problem was i didn't have a blender or food  processor. So I bought one last week and made some. She loved it for a few days but has now decided that she'd rather eat what we are eating and not mush. Isn't that how it always goes.  They need to make sure you understand that they really in charge and want to keep you on your toes.
10) I really wish I lived somewhere warmer! I hate being cold. I ask myself this every year- why do we live here?

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