Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clint's 8th Birthday

Clint and Uncle Michael
 ( Blake had to be in it too :) )

I just realized I didn't talk about our Clint's 8th birthday. (Mommy guilt) So here it goes.....( this is mostly for me so later on I remember what we did and so it doesn't look like I forgot his birthday)...
 Clint's birthday was last Saturday the 20th. We really didn't do much in the morning except we went to see little Gianna at the hospital. We let helped Clint decide where we would eat lunch. (he wanted McD's but Ben detests that place) So we went to Subway, his 2nd favorite resturaunt. We even got him a footlong.  He told me once that that would be really cool if he could get one of those for himself. He didn't even eat half of it but was happy to have leftovers ;)  We went and picked up my little brother who is Clints bestest friend (and uncle) and he came over to spend the night. They spent most of the time playing XBOX and playing legos. Ben took them down to his Dad's to shoot their BB guns in their shooting range. The kids had a blast! I satyed home and got supper ready. The kids came home and got to make their own calzones. They thought that was pretty neat and they were really good if I can say so. That was about it.
 The next day we went to a hotel to Celebrate Ben's parents 30th wedding anniversary. We had supper there and the kids got to swim. We stayed over too which made the kids really happy :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Clint! Sure sounds like you had a good time on your Birthday!