Thursday, February 25, 2010

Audrey in the Mornin'

My little girlie is the smiliest little girl I have ever known.
She smiles pretty much non-stop. Even when she's crying  you can get a smile from her.
She smiles the most in the morning though.
I love her in her jammies so much that many days she wears them all day:) 

These are my favorites right now. What a deal too, only a $1 at Walmart in the clearance.
I love a good deal! But she makes these jammies look good, don't ya think??
They have "cute little monkey" on 'em.

She doesn't sit still for long when I want to take a picture of her so I gotta move fast.

Wouldn't you love to wake up every morning to this little cutie?
I sure do ;)


  1. I sure know how you feel having a little girl full of smiles to wake up to! Doesn't it just make ur heart melt each time they smile and it sure turns a bad mood around real fast! I LOVE the monkey P.J's - they were definitely a great find! Audrey is just getting so big so fast! She sure is a cutie!

  2. Her smile is adorable! I can see why you are so in love with her. You just can't stay in a bad mood with that little gal smiling at you.