Monday, April 30, 2012

The countdown to Ben's job is happening.....13 days until he starts his new job! We are trying to get as many things caught up on as possible before our insurance in no more. Today we started with Dentist appts for the 4 boys. Clint has 1 small cavity but it is on a baby tooth that will be falling out soon so we don't have to do anything for it. He does however has some other issues that are going to take an ortho. He had a baby tooth fall out prematurely and will need some sort of wiring/brace because the molars are crowding where the adult tooth is supposed to be. I'm sure that will be spendy. Not sure when that will get done. Ethan : no cavities!!! Both of those boys are going to have sealants put on tomorrow ( we are on a crunch for time you know!) Blake has 2 cavities that will be taken care of next week. Owen had his first check-up and didn't have any! I thought for sure they would all have a bunch since we haven't been there in a few years! Ben and I are both going in next week for cleanings too. Owen and Audrey both have shots tomorrow. I Meanie brother Blake keeps telling them they are getting shots even thought I told him NOT too. I like to wait until we are on our way there. The less tears the better!

It is going to be a crazy day tomorrow. We have to get school done and be in town for dentist appts by 11am then we get to stick around town until 3:45 for the shots. Hoping its nice out so we can spend most of the time at the park.

After the appts this morning Ben decided we should go mushroom hunting for Morels (not sure of spelling). We explored the Litchfield Nature Center and didn't find any but the kids did find a snake which is apparently very exciting. As soon as I saw it I was getting in the van. Didn't want to give Ben a chance to chase me with it, as I knew he would!

We had a little picnic out there sitting on logs and the kids thought it was fabulous! I love that it doesn't have to take gobs of money to have a good time together and still have lots of fun. Hoping they don't grow out of these types of fun anytime soon!

{pardon the horrible photos, dummy me forgot my camera and had to use the cell phone one instead}

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