Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm so excited.
And nervous.
And scared.
Bursting with news.
Overwhelmed by the Lord's Blessings!

Its been 6 years in the waiting.
Long, lonely nights.
Week after week of trying to make it.
Feeling like a single mom, doing everything alone with the kids.


NO MORE!!!!!!

We've been praying for this.
God has answered!

Ben was offered a job today. A job where he will be home every.single.night.


Of course it does come with lower pay but we have decided that we will have faith that God will provide for our needs. Our children need their daddy home more. We need him home more than we need the extra $$ from trucking.

We are feeling that God has went before us in this and opened the doors that led to this. They don't even want to interview him they just want to know when he can start! Definitely God is showing us the path we need to take.

Over the last 8 months God has been doing some major transforming in our lives, in Ben's life. I never would have thought two years ago or even a year ago that Ben would have changed this much. I've been praying for this and so have many people. I'm amazed and overjoyed at how Ben has completely given his life and our family over to the Lord's leading. normally I would have bucked this job change just because I wouldn't have known if this was just Ben's way or God's design but because of all that's been going on in his heart and life I know that Ben has been leaning and waiting on God for these life decisions. I'm feeling overwhelmed and so very blessed the way things have been falling into place.

So in 2 weeks, our life will be changing! I will have my husband home again! My children will have their daddy home again. We can start on this new adventure. I'm sure things will be tough, just trying to adjust but we have faith that this is where God wants us and will take care of our every need.

Thank you Jesus!


  1. So excited for you! We've had a bit of experience with my husband needing to be gone for work, and we wouldn't trade having him home for anything at this point. Enjoy!

  2. Yay!!!! So happy you guys will be spending more time together!