Friday, May 11, 2012

Orange, White, and Gray.....

I was starting to notice that one of our cats {Orangy} was starting to get very fat. A week later, I saw him again but he was very skinny again?  Could {he} have been pregnant? We thought he was a he. Turns out Orangy wasn't a he at all!
Clint was outside when he spotted near the barn Orangy carrying a little orange kitten. He came in the house carrying the little thing. We went outside to bring the kitten back to the mother and heard some mewing from the garage. Turns out Orangy was moving her kitten from the barn to next to the refrigerator in the garage.

We found a box and made a nice bed for the new family.

 The kids are super excited and hopefully all the kittens will live. They keep begging to hold the new babies. I hope the mama doesn't decide they are all pests and move them again where we cant find them this time:)

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