Thursday, April 5, 2012

Owen recently learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. He has turned into a little speedster, riding bike as often as he can. I was really surprised that he learned already with him just turning 4 a couple months ago. When the kids took out the bikes from their winter storage, the training wheels on Owen's bike were broken. He decided he could do it without. With the help of big brothers, Owen learned how to ride a bike all by himself in 3 days! The first couple days after he learned I could not get him to come in the house to eat meals or go to bed, he just wanted to ride bike all day!
It was perfect timing because now Killian has taken over his seat in the stroller:)

I'm so happy that its been so nice out and we are able to get out of the house! We love our daily walks down our long driveway. Blake is always on the lookout for cool rocks. He told me the other day that everyday new rocks are on the ground so that's why he has to keep looking:) I love it because sometimes its the only time I actually get to go outside and Little K loves being in the Snuggy Baby wrap or the stroller.

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