Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally Friday

I think I'm going to start a little post on Fridays and write snippets about what we've done during that week.It will probably be boring but this way I can remember what we've done all week. So here it goes....

Friday April 20th....Audrey has really been into dressing herself these of her outfits:)

We did school then we went to the park with my sister Jaclyn and her 2 little cuties. The kids love going to the park and I love visiting with my sister while they are playing:)

Blake's toothless smile:)

Clint took the little ones on a walk on the trail.

Pazli has been walking alot now...what a cutie!

Just a swingin'

I picked up my sister Christa's 4 kiddos after the park and brought them home with us for the evening. We had homemade pizza roll and watched the Muppet's!

Saturday April 21st.....We loaded up the bus and headed to the Cities to pick up a 4wheeler that Ben found on good ol' Craigslist. The kids were ecstatic! after that we rushed to the Farm to show our camper that we are trying to sell. They loved it and were going to come back the next day to pick it up.

As soon as we got home Ben and the boys headed into church for the Wild Game Feed, the 2 littlest stayed home with me to get food ready for Killian's Baby Dedication the next day. Such a busy day- I was exhausted!!!

Sunday April 22nd.... Killian's Baby Dedication. Typical morning of a baby dedications...complete chaos trying to get everyone ready for church AND get all the food and things ready for the meal afterwards.

So many of our family came I thing around 60 of us were there! Lets just say it takes A LOT of food to feed that many, but thankfully everyone one helped me brought something to add to the meal.

After that we rushed home to change then rushed to the farm to clean out the camper of all our stuff and clean it for the new owners. It was sad to see the camper go- we've had some really fun times camping with her!

Monday April 23rd.....Ben left at 5 am to drive to pick up the new camper we found on craigslist. We were anxiously waiting for him to return so we could check it out! The kids are super excited to get a camper with bunk beds in it!

Not the best picture but I haven't taken any more of her yet .

Tuesday April 24th....School, school, and more school! Can't wait to be done for the year!!

Wednesday April 25th....School. The boys had boy's club for church.

Thursday April 26th.... Homeschool Coop Day. The kids are getting ready for the big end of the year Musical they put on every spring:)
We found out Ben got the new job. So much happiness around here at the news! can't wait to see my husband everyday!!! The countdown begins!!

And Today, Friday April 27th....So far just school. And cleaning and laundry, and cooking and baking, and everything else that needs to get done everyday! The boys have slept in the camper every night this week and tell me its their new home, only come in the house to eat. We've even been doing school in there. They say its easier that way;)

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