Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Campers :)

My handsome husband called me on Friday at noon to inform me that we would be camping that night and the following night as well with our friends Josh and Serena.

 Of course  I was excited because we love camping! Remember?! If you don't, click this :)  The only thing I had a problem with it was the little fact that I had a Personal Shower to go to at 4 for Ben's sister.I didn't know if I should go or not, but we decided that I would still go and just meet Ben and the kids out at the campsite when I got done over there.

This whole situation made for a stressful afternoon.
 I had to get laundry done and every one's clothes and everything that we'd need for the weekend packed in the camper before I left.
 I had to go get by brother so he could babysit until Ben got home.
 And to top it off we really needed groceries so we didn't have much to bring for food, so after the shower I had to go to the store.
 I didn't get to the campground until 11pm! Thankfully all the kids were already asleep and we were able to sit around the fire for a few hours.

We had a great time relaxing and just enjoying the weather. Ben took Ethan and a couple other kids that we knew that were camping there fishing. And I took the rest of them swimming. My little baby brother Michael {who is Clint's best friend} came with us and the boys had a blast with him.

It wouldn't be camping without the s'mores...
Blake trying to eat 2 at a time!

Ethan  loves his s'mores burnt- yuck!

Dad loves picking on Clint!

We went through a six pack of Hershey bars, a bag of marshmallow and a whole box of graham crackers!
We had some sticky kids!

Down at the beach

No matter how many times you try it....'s still nasty!

Best Buds!

Is it tasting better yet?

Mr. Handsome

These boys know how to have a good time! ( notice Ethan's holding onto a little fish that he caught)

Even through the stress of preparing for camping, it is SO worth it! Nothing better than the Great Outdoors and the people you spend it with!

This is how we spent our did you spend yours?

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  1. Glad you had a good time! It was beautiful weather for camping! I always stress about getting the camper and everything ready and think it won't even be worth it..but in the end it always is!