Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dog Days of summer....

We had a litter of pups about 5 weeks ago. They are all black and super cute. The kids have been having a blast with them this week especially since they are starting to chase after them and getting really playful. A couple nights ago I went out and took some pictures of them playing with them. So cute and Audrey was just so exctied she could hardly stand it.

It has been Ethan's job to take care of the dogs. Feeding them and watering them 2 times a day. Last week he came in from feeding them franticly telkling me that one was missing. I said to go look again but he came back still insiting that it was gone. I went out thinking I would find a dead little pup in a corner or something. Nothing. It disapeared. There was no way for it to get out o its pen unless Sophie had moved it but didn't think that was likely. We looked and looked but never foind any sign of it anywhere. The kids were really upset and I was too. Not only because we hope it didn't die somewhere but we kind of depend on the money we get for those pups.

Then this morning Ethan came in saying a puppy was dead. It had somehow gotten in a bucket and died.
Ethan accidentally put Sophie's bucket in the puppies pen instead of outside of it. There was no water left in it and we aren't sure if it drowned or if its airway was constricted but the boys and Daddy had to barry it this morning before he left for work. So now we are down to 5 puppies. I really hope the rest make it!

Here are a few pictures of the kids playing with the little fur balls ;)

Love how the little puppy is chasing him.

Poor little puupy was probably so sick of Owen carrying him around!

Looks like they were having a good chat!

Talk about puupy eyes

They thought they would enjoy a ride down the slide :)


  1. So sorry to hear about ur puppy :( Your pictures are so cute! Looks like the kids want to keep them all! :)

  2. ah, too bad you "lost" a couple of them, they sure are cute. I bet the kids are sad when their playmates head to different homes.