Friday, July 30, 2010

5 on Friday

1. We have been enjoying our Toddler Tuesday group so much this year. This week's was my favorite. Collinwood Park. Great swimming beach and playground. We would have stayed longer than the 5 hours if the little ones weren't getting so tired and crabby. Its encouraged me to plan a Momma Day at the beach ( without kids!). I can't wait!

2. On Wednesday, sickness filled our house. From throwing up , fevers, and sore throats. I was so happy this morning when everyone woke up healthy. Glad that it was a quick one! There are a few lingering sore throats but we are going to attempt our camping trip anyways.

3. Yea!! I'm so exited about camping this weekend! We are camping with my whole family ( minus my brother and his family) And let me tell you my family knows how to camp! My mom is Camping Queen. She loves her some rustic camping. Even though we've learned from the queen we've givin' into the Camper rather then tenting it like she and a my 2 other sisters do. But be sure to know that my mom will be cooking the entire HUGE camping breakfast over the fire! Yumm! I can't wait.

4.Speaking of Miss Camping Queen. Take a look at this. She is really going to hate me for putting this up- but- hey, she's the one who posed for the camera and should know that I would totally put this up!

And Another one....

Yup, she's c.Ra.Zzzzz.EEEE!
We love her!

You can tell we are all like her too!

5. This is totally strange and you will all be probably thinkin I'm a crazy. But remember I was borne of the woman above ;) Plus I'm trying to come up with a 5th topic here people. So hear me out!
 I always have really weird dreams, but I had a really weird one the other night.....
I was shopping at a store when this little troll like man was following me and every time I tried to pay for something he would pinch the inside of my arm. It really hurt. So I picked him up and threw him over a balcony and he fell and ended up with a spear going through his body, but he just wouldn't die. He had a really freaky face and I was scared to go to bed the next night thinking he might invade my dreams again. but he didn't . So, anyone have any thoughts on interpreting that dream?
I'm crazy.
Or weird.
You are probably thinking " I don't know why I'm reading this pointless blog and I need to stop before I become crazy like this lady"
To all of you that will continue to follow me- I thank you. From one crazy blog writer to you crazy readers!
Love ya!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I'll be having a blast with my crazy LOUD family!

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  1. Fun pictures of your mom! She's too cute! I am lovin' Toddler Tuesday's too, but I've only been able to go to 2 :(