Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pointless Babble

I think the sun has fried my brain.
I haven't felt like writing lately. Its been too nice out and Ben's been home alot.
I don't like blogging when he's home.
 I'd rather annoy him.
 He hates that.
I love it ;)
 And I have tell you all I'm a little irritated with him.
 Only a little :)
 He decided to start a blog. I think just to annoy me. He even said he thinks he'll have more followers than me by the end of his first month. And I think the fact that he's probably right is what irritates me the most. I"m not even going to give you the link to it because I want to win this bet! ( you all probably wouldn't be interested in it anyways- politics!) I'm happy though that instead of him telling me all this information he's writing it down and I can decide if I want to read it or not. I know- bad wife.
This is a stupid post.
Oh, well, I'm bound to come up with something better eventually.
But probably not.

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