Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Oop, I forgot my phone is broken!

Have you ever broke your cell phone?
I did.
It was like a horrible nightmare.
But before you start lecturing about how I"m too addicted, realize that I don't have a land line either.
That being said can you relate to how nuts it made me?
I couldn't talk to Ben while he was on the road. I didn't know if or when he would be coming home.
I couldn't talk to my lovely sister Jessica { we talk daily- we HAVE to- it's how I make it through the day!}
I couldn't talk to my mom, or any of my other sisters who I talk to almost every day. 
And then I would start to worry about if I'd need to call 911- I wouldn't be able to without a phone obviously!
Plus I was hearing my phone ringing in my head, I'd get up looking for it and then I'd remember it was broken.
Thankfully we have the Internet.
Ben and I were messaging each other through Facebook, him on his phone and me on the computer.
Let me tell you, a lot of arguments can happen over emails, and many misunderstandings can be made. Plus I don't read the messages to thoroughly and become confused. Like the following conversations that happened while trying to figure out how I was going to pick up a phone that I had found on Craigslist.

 The lady had emailed me before and said if we are interested we need to call husband Eric....she must not be home or something now...she said to leave a message if he doesn't answer. Could you please call and tell him we'll take it and ask for an address and a time to meet.....Thanks :) Here's his number

 Called Eric he will meet you at target in St Cloud the one out by burger king on the other side of town at 3oclock he is working by there. Bring 35 cash. Then go to Verizon and have them program it. Let me know if this will work.

 Is it the burger king by Bonanza? I don't know if a different one....Otherwise that should work .

{silly me didn't read through it all and Ben was getting a little irritated at me at this point!}

 OK, I'm a dummy, thanks for clarifying :) How will I know its him though,or did you tell him what vehicle I drive? .

 He will be driving a black suburban he will meet you there at 3 you know where that is right? Don't be late!

Ok! you don't have to be so Growly at me! I know the Target on the other side of the bridge, right? What do I need to tell the people at the Verizon store?
We had many of these types of back and forth conversations. I even had to drive to Ben's parents farm to call him a few times just because it was hard to have a conversations over email. 
I finally have a phone now, which I bought from someone off Craigslist, I'm very happy with it,and for $35 it made it all the better.

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  1. It's a pain not having a phone! I always wonder what people used to do before them!